fix histogram title
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / TPC /
2011-03-18 jotwinowfix histogram title
2011-03-18 jotwinowbug fix
2011-03-17 jotwinow- change from charge/pT to charge
2011-03-10 jotwinow- add comment
2011-03-03 jotwinowconstant bining for q/pt
2011-03-02 jotwinowNew trending info in AliTPCPerformanceSummary and AliPe...
2011-01-17 jotwinowreduce memory consumption and add high multiplicity...
2011-01-03 morschAliCentrality instead of AliESDCentrality
2010-12-14 jotwinowremove obsolate AliTRDtrack.h
2010-12-14 jotwinownew centrality selection
2010-11-15 jotwinowflag to switch off/on using OCDB
2010-11-15 jotwinowdifferent centrality selection
2010-11-11 jotwinowcentrality selection (Jochen Thaeder)
2010-10-28 jotwinowchanges to include AliPerformanceMach component (Michae...
2010-10-19 jotwinowextentions by Jochen Thaeder
2010-10-16 jotwinowmissing include
2010-10-15 jotwinowinit OCDB in Terminate necessary for trending (M. Knichel)
2010-10-15 agheataChanged trending output container to kParam container...
2010-10-15 jotwinowFinishTaskOuptut and trending information implemented...
2010-10-10 jotwinowmacro to add ITS-TPC matching components
2010-10-10 jotwinowbug fix
2010-09-30 jotwinowmacro to init geom and B field from GRP
2010-09-30 jotwinowmacro to configure TPC QA and TPC dEdx info
2010-09-25 jotwinowreduce memory consumption (Michael Knichel)
2010-09-25 jotwinowchange print out info
2010-09-16 jotwinowfixes by Simone Schuchmann
2010-09-16 jotwinowchanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-09-06 jotwinowfix warnings
2010-09-06 jotwinowupdate by Simone Schuchmann
2010-08-30 marianSummary and trend extraction for TPC with modified...
2010-08-24 agheataFrom M.Knichel: I have reduced the output size of TPC...
2010-08-19 agheataFrom Michael Knichel: The THnSparses are not merged...
2010-08-16 hristovMissing include files (Johny)
2010-07-28 jotwinowswitch to use HLT events and new merging scheema by...
2010-07-27 hristovChanges for bug #70680: AliROOT Coverity DELETE_ARRAY...
2010-07-26 jotwinowSelectCollisionCandidates added for the task
2010-07-25 jotwinowchanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-07-09 jotwinowmodifications by Simone Schuchmann
2010-07-08 jotwinowfix warnings
2010-07-08 jotwinowsmall changes in TPCITS
2010-06-30 jotwinowcompilation worning removed
2010-06-24 jotwinowchanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-06-24 jotwinowChanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-06-19 jotwinowpossibility to switch between event vertices
2010-06-19 jotwinowconfig macro for TPCITS task
2010-06-11 jotwinowpossibility to use track vertex
2010-06-11 jotwinowcheck pointer and print info
2010-05-21 jotwinowclass and macros to extract TPC QA trend information...
2010-05-21 jotwinowsmall changes
2010-05-10 jotwinowsmall update
2010-05-07 jotwinowbug fix and small changed in the macros
2010-05-07 jotwinownew macro to run TPC MC performance
2010-04-27 morschMost PWG1 AddTask macros used in the pilot QA train...
2010-04-22 marianCheck the presenece of the component (Marian)
2010-04-18 marianAdding chi2 of the fit.
2010-04-15 marianChange names of the output conatainer and files
2010-04-13 jotwinowmodified ESDfriend reading
2010-04-08 marianMoving back the macro into TPC/macro directory
2010-03-19 marianProtection against zerro pointer
2010-03-03 belikovFixing the compilation warnings
2010-01-16 hristovForward declaration (Stefan)
2010-01-12 jotwinowtrigger conditions added
2009-12-15 morschGetOutput(1)
2009-12-15 morschInput slot 0 not needed.
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschDeriving from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2009-12-14 jotwinowchanges in Analyse function
2009-12-14 jotwinowsmall changes
2009-12-14 jotwinowonly TPC performance task
2009-12-14 jotwinowupdates by Simone Schuchmann
2009-12-12 jotwinowtriger class selsction added
2009-12-08 jotwinownew histograms added
2009-12-05 jotwinownew macro and small corrections
2009-11-29 jotwinowTPC related macros
2009-11-29 jotwinowmodifications related to primary track selection
2009-11-27 jotwinowTPC efficiency wrt ITS added (A.Kalwait and J. Otwinowski)
2009-11-19 jotwinowwarning removed
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-16 jotwinowfixed errors and warnings
2009-11-16 jotwinowfollow coding convension (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-07 jotwinownew performance classes (Simone Schuchmann)
2009-11-07 jotwinowmove all TPC related classes