using AliCDBConnect task in test train of TRD
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / TRD / AliTRDcheckESD.cxx
2011-09-29 abercucimodifications to BC and trending (Ionut)
2011-09-26 abercucifix coverity
2011-09-23 abercuciupdates in plotting (Ionut)
2011-06-06 abercucifix coverity
2011-03-23 abercucifix coverity for PWG1/TRD
2011-03-21 abercuciadded centrality dependent histograms and plots. (Ionut)
2011-03-07 abercuciset reco param on an event by event basis
2010-10-29 abercucifix coverity and codding conventions
2010-10-27 abercucifix coverity
2010-09-20 abercucinew Qtot vs slice for tracks which are identified as...
2010-08-31 abercucifix codding convention violations (Markus H & Alex B)
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding convention (Markus)
2010-08-24 abercucifix steering of (all) individual TRD tasks by AddTrainP...
2010-08-05 abercuciset meaningful names for top TRD wagons
2010-08-02 abercucifix error during merging (
2010-07-02 abercucistyle modifications (Ionut)
2010-07-01 abercuciupdates to produce summary plots on the grid (if our...
2010-06-04 cblume 1.) (eta,phi) profile histograms for every layer with...
2010-05-13 abercuciremove return statement in case of missing MC
2010-05-11 abercucisecond iteration on implementing V0 list usage along...
2010-05-10 abercuciremoved the condition on the 10 TPC clusters after...
2010-05-10 abercuciincluded all the non-friends
2010-05-05 abercuciupdate task to read results from AnalysisResults.root...
2010-05-03 abercuciremove obsolete OpenFile call (Markus)
2010-04-07 abercuciupdates for the pilot train
2010-04-01 abercuci- new pulls plots
2010-03-31 abercucifix warning
2010-03-29 abercuciplot fixes
2010-03-26 abercuci- plot no clusters/track as function of PID
2010-03-25 abercuci- new resolution picture for track resolution vs MC
2010-03-22 abercucinew plot w/wo TRD contribution for pt @ vertex
2010-03-18 abercuciuse tilt rotation to correctly calculate cluster &...
2010-03-18 abercucidefine monitoring External Track Param for TRD track...
2010-03-16 abercucinew design for performance plots of the resolution...
2010-03-12 abercuciprimary track and eta cuts for TRD influence on pt...
2010-03-11 abercucifix compilation problem in GSI train
2010-03-03 abercucitrain ready for Pilot integration with all wagons
2010-03-02 abercucialign new implementation with old performance processin...
2010-03-02 abercucinew pt resolution @ vertex for TRD barrel tracks
2010-03-01 abercucistart implementation of "pt resolution @ DCA" plot
2010-03-01 abercuciput back default names for tasks used to find output...
2010-02-26 morschBug fixes.
2010-02-25 morschStreamlining with the analyis framework:
2010-02-17 abercucinew performance plot for pt resolution @ DCA to monitor...
2009-12-18 abercuciprepare task to run on PROOF (Markus)
2009-12-18 abercuci- use also for only reconstructed values
2009-10-30 abercucicopy TRD performance train to PWG1