set reco param on an event by event basis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / TRD / AliTRDinfoGen.cxx
2011-03-07 abercuciset reco param on an event by event basis
2011-02-03 abercucifix crash reported in <>
2010-11-22 abercuciupdate for transporting event info along the TRD train
2010-11-19 abercucistart adding centrality to PWG1/TRD wagons (Markus)
2010-11-10 abercucifix monitoring histo binning/filling
2010-10-27 abercucifix codding conventions
2010-10-27 abercucifix coverity
2010-10-12 abercucibug fix in monitoring histo. Change data format from...
2010-09-22 abercuciinitialize magnetic field in infoGen (moved from cluste...
2010-08-31 abercucifix codding convention violations (Markus H & Alex B)
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding conventions. Still to be done:
2010-08-25 abercuciupdate to AliTRDpwg1Helper class by Markus
2010-08-25 abercucimove general OCDB services to the level of AliTRDinfoGen
2010-08-24 abercucimemory leak (Markus)
2010-08-20 cblumeFix memory leak
2010-08-13 abercucinew version of the V0 stuff for the RefMaker (Alex W.)
2010-08-06 abercucimove OCDB manipulation from local train (run.C) to...
2010-08-05 abercuciset meaningful names for top TRD wagons
2010-08-02 abercucifix error during merging (
2010-07-13 abercuciadd global monitor histo in task infoGen
2010-07-08 abercucichange track quality cuts : DCA and N TPC clusters...
2010-05-11 abercucisecond iteration on implementing V0 list usage along...
2010-05-10 abercucifix for bug #66858] (PWG1 train problem for LHC10c...
2010-05-10 abercucirestructured the class AliTRDv0Info
2010-05-04 abercuciadditional fix for MC performance
2010-05-03 abercuciremove confusing setter for MC
2010-04-07 abercuciupdates for the pilot train
2010-04-01 abercuci- new pulls plots
2010-03-24 abercucinew resolution plots
2010-03-22 abercuciadd debugging messages for collision event/track selection
2010-03-10 abercuciMove track performance task selection to AddTask macros
2010-03-09 abercucifix debug stream writing
2010-03-08 abercucisimplify QA histogram creation for the resolution task
2010-03-03 abercucitrain ready for Pilot integration with all wagons
2010-03-03 morsch- call UserExec instead of Exec of base class AliTRDreco
2010-03-02 abercucialign new implementation with old performance processin...
2010-03-01 abercuciput back default names for tasks used to find output...
2010-02-26 abercucinew event cut class by Markus for local event selection...
2010-02-25 morschStreamlining with the analyis framework:
2010-02-24 abercuciAdd Event/Track selection based on Anton's monitoring...
2010-02-24 abercucimore readable style for resolution reference plots
2010-02-03 abercuciremove left over print statement
2010-01-29 abercucicorrect dEdx info propagation down the analysis chain
2010-01-29 abercucifix dEdx propagation from ESD track
2009-12-24 abercuciprepare infrastructure for fixing bug 60872
2009-10-30 abercucicopy TRD performance train to PWG1