work on documentation and verbosity during measured data processing
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / TRD / AliTRDresolution.cxx
2010-06-18 abercuciwork on documentation and verbosity during measured...
2010-05-13 abercuciclear debug cluster array after each tracklet fill
2010-05-12 abercucialign to the new AliTRDseedV1::Fit() function syntax
2010-04-30 abercucifurther updates for align TRD tasks to PROOF (Markus)
2010-04-29 abercuci- updates to run with AliEn plugin (Markus)
2010-04-16 abercuci- Init exchange containers independently needed for...
2010-04-13 abercucisecond interation on implementing variable detector...
2010-04-08 abercuciadd variable TRD segmentation levels. Possible options are
2010-04-07 abercuciupdates for the pilot train
2010-04-01 abercuci- new pulls plots
2010-03-30 abercucicorrect manipulation of covariance matrix for pulls...
2010-03-25 abercuci- new resolution picture for track resolution vs MC
2010-03-24 abercuciadd configurable segmentation for y resolution/residual...
2010-03-24 abercucinew resolution plots
2010-03-18 abercuciuse tilt rotation to correctly calculate cluster &...
2010-03-18 abercucidefine monitoring External Track Param for TRD track...
2010-03-16 abercucinew design for performance plots of the resolution...
2010-03-10 abercuciMove track performance task selection to AddTask macros
2010-03-08 abercucisimplify QA histogram creation for the resolution task
2010-03-03 abercucitrain ready for Pilot integration with all wagons
2010-03-03 morsch- call UserExec instead of Exec of base class AliTRDreco
2010-03-02 abercucialign new implementation with old performance processin...
2010-03-01 abercuciput back default names for tasks used to find output...
2010-02-28 morschWarnings corrected.
2010-02-25 morschStreamlining with the analyis framework:
2010-02-24 abercucimore readable style for resolution reference plots
2010-02-19 abercuci- new definition of cluster to track residuals
2010-02-04 abercucisave MC pt for Kalman propagator test
2010-02-04 abercucimake Kalman propagator more flexible for testing
2010-01-29 abercucifix dEdx propagation from ESD track
2010-01-06 abercuciorganize debug stream for +/- tracks monitoring
2009-12-04 abercuciprepare PID LQ ref maker for production
2009-11-25 abercuciadd track status in debug stream
2009-11-25 abercuciuncomment debug streaming in cluster2track residuals
2009-10-30 abercucicopy TRD performance train to PWG1