TrainSetup version of official QA train
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / TRD /
2011-08-10 abercucifix coverity
2011-08-08 hristovCoverity fixes (Alex)
2011-07-22 abercuci- fix coverity
2011-07-21 abercuciremove compilation warnings
2011-07-21 abercucimake container @ slot #1 owner
2011-07-21 abercuci- bunch crossing selection in PWG1/TRD
2011-06-06 abercucifix coverity
2011-03-28 abercuciremove offending code from bug 78827
2011-03-23 abercucifix coverity for PWG1/TRD
2011-03-21 abercuciadded centrality dependent histograms and plots. (Ionut)
2011-03-15 abercucifix for bug report
2011-03-07 abercuciAdded monitor for the total charge. (Markus)
2011-03-07 abercucicosmetics on debug print out
2011-03-07 abercuciset reco param on an event by event basis
2011-03-04 abercucifix coverity
2011-02-28 abercuciavoid crash as described by
2011-02-28 abercucifix <PH> plot
2011-02-28 abercucifix warnings during train running
2011-02-28 abercuciupdates in centrality dependence for DET monitoring...
2011-02-25 abercucinew tracking for PbPb and pp (Alex)
2011-02-11 abercucifix coverity
2011-02-08 abercucifix coverity
2011-02-03 abercucifix crash reported in <>
2011-01-25 abercucifix coverity warnings - wrong use of enums
2010-12-20 abercucifix coverity defects
2010-12-03 abercucifix memory leaks
2010-11-23 abercuciadd centrality dependence (Markus)
2010-11-22 abercuciupdate for transporting event info along the TRD train
2010-11-19 abercucistart adding centrality to PWG1/TRD wagons (Markus)
2010-11-11 abercucismall fix in dir name of svnInfo file
2010-11-10 abercucifix monitoring histo binning/filling
2010-11-09 cblumeNext round of fixes (Jochen)
2010-11-08 cblumeAdd tracklet tasks (Jochen)
2010-11-05 jotwinowswitch off triggers (Markus Fasel)
2010-10-29 abercucifix coverity and codding conventions
2010-10-27 abercucifix codding conventions
2010-10-27 abercucifix coverity
2010-10-21 abercuci fix codding convention violations
2010-10-18 abercucitrigger names changed (Markus)
2010-10-18 abercuciadd condition in time to select generic clean drift...
2010-10-15 abercucinew fix for recursive merging
2010-10-15 abercucifix bug in merging routine
2010-10-14 abercucichanged function signature
2010-10-14 abercucinew systematic plot for mean x (drift) as function...
2010-10-12 abercucibug fix in monitoring histo. Change data format from...
2010-10-11 abercucifix for monitoring number of pads/cluster
2010-10-11 abercucichange summary plots name accoring to convention propos...
2010-10-11 abercuci- robust results merging procedure
2010-09-30 abercucichange systematic and resolution plots
2010-09-30 abercucicache diffusion coefficients from AliTRDCommonParam
2010-09-29 abercucimodify ref histo for systematic and resolution calibrat...
2010-09-29 abercucimodify systematic r-phi plotting
2010-09-29 abercucichange dependent values on reference histograms
2010-09-28 abercuciadd identifiers between MC and no MC data for histo...
2010-09-27 abercuciremove left over print statement
2010-09-27 abercuciadd tracklet core selection and fitter
2010-09-23 abercucifix bug Analysis
2010-09-22 abercuciinitialize magnetic field in infoGen (moved from cluste...
2010-09-22 abercuciadd variable range on dy histo axis
2010-09-22 abercuciadd track selection based on global residual spread...
2010-09-20 abercuciuse folders TRD_Performance, TRD_Calibration and TRD_Al...
2010-09-20 abercucinew Qtot vs slice for tracks which are identified as...
2010-09-17 abercuciupdate for changes in AliTRDpwg1Helper (Markus)
2010-09-15 abercuciadd functionality to locally fit the track using linear...
2010-09-15 abercuciadd wrapper to TESTBIT macro to select TRD tasks
2010-09-15 abercuciprotect against missing cluster in tracklet
2010-09-15 abercucifix warnings
2010-08-31 abercucifix codding convention violations (Markus H & Alex B)
2010-08-30 hristovFixes for bug #71975: BUFFER_SIZE problem reported...
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding convention (Markus)
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding conventions (Markus)
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding conventions. Still to be done:
2010-08-25 abercuciupdate to AliTRDpwg1Helper class by Markus
2010-08-25 abercucifix warnings
2010-08-25 abercucimove general OCDB services to the level of AliTRDinfoGen
2010-08-24 abercuciremove printf
2010-08-24 abercucifix steering of (all) individual TRD tasks by AddTrainP...
2010-08-24 abercucimemory leak (Markus)
2010-08-20 cblumeFix memory leak
2010-08-20 abercuciStart translation of the macros helper.C and AliTRDperf...
2010-08-18 abercucibug fix: In the macro AddTRDinfoGen.C a whitespace was
2010-08-16 abercucinew trigger class name added (Markus)
2010-08-16 abercuciFix bug in RefMaker. A memset of Int_ts was used for...
2010-08-13 abercuci addition to 42846
2010-08-13 abercucinew version of the V0 stuff for the RefMaker (Alex W.)
2010-08-12 abercuciprotect against reinitialization of magnetic field
2010-08-12 abercucismall fix to histo name
2010-08-12 abercucirename histos such to accomodate more cluster resolutio...
2010-08-11 abercuciadd variable range in dy
2010-08-10 abercuciprepare task for cluster position and error parameteriz...
2010-08-06 abercucistream line task switch on/off for usage with PilotAnal...
2010-08-06 abercucisimplified parameter list
2010-08-06 abercucimove OCDB manipulation from local train (run.C) to...
2010-08-05 abercucifix cast statement
2010-08-05 abercuciadditional file needed
2010-08-05 abercuci set meaningful names for all TRD wagons
2010-08-05 abercuciset meaningful names for top TRD wagons
2010-08-03 cblumeProtection added to fix savannah bug #70982
2010-08-02 abercucifix error during merging (
2010-07-23 abercucifix bug