Improving event printout
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 /
2010-01-12 jotwinowtrigger conditions added
2010-01-12 jotwinowtrigger condition added
2010-01-08 morschMoved to PWG1/ITS
2010-01-08 morschObsolete.
2010-01-08 morschITS tasks from the pilot train added.
2010-01-06 morschPilot analysis using the plugin. (M. Gheata)
2010-01-06 morschUpdates for physics selection.
2010-01-06 abercuciorganize debug stream for +/- tracks monitoring
2009-12-24 abercuciprepare infrastructure for fixing bug 60872
2009-12-24 abercucismall fix for name of files
2009-12-22 daineseAdded pt to the extra clusters ntuple and added event...
2009-12-22 abercucicorrect usage of steering options for the PID task
2009-12-19 belikovBug fix: missing comma.
2009-12-18 abercuciprepare task to run on PROOF (Markus)
2009-12-18 abercuci- use also for only reconstructed values
2009-12-16 hristovCorrected cast
2009-12-16 hristovCorrected cast
2009-12-16 abercucispeed up and last fixes before going into production
2009-12-16 daineseBug fix in the calculation of the mean curvature for...
2009-12-16 morschPosting slot 1
2009-12-15 morschSpecial event handler used.
2009-12-15 morschAvoid run number
2009-12-15 morschOCDB access at the first selected event when run number...
2009-12-15 morschUpdate to accept all collision candidates.
2009-12-15 morschMichele Floris's background rejection connected to...
2009-12-15 morschFirst working version
2009-12-15 morschGetOutput(1)
2009-12-15 morschInput slot 0 not needed.
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschSDD task added
2009-12-15 morsch- SDD task added
2009-12-15 morschDeriving from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2009-12-14 morschPilot Train first version
2009-12-14 morschUpdates.
2009-12-14 jotwinowchanges in Analyse function
2009-12-14 jotwinowsmall changes
2009-12-14 jotwinowonly TPC performance task
2009-12-14 morschDeriving from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2009-12-14 dainesePossibility to use only ITS+TPC tracks for ntuples
2009-12-14 daineseCut on dca of TPC inner param
2009-12-14 daineseBug fix and added histos for tracks with at least one SPD
2009-12-14 jotwinowmag. field and geometry initialised from GRP
2009-12-14 jotwinowupdates by Simone Schuchmann
2009-12-14 jotwinowtrigger class selection added
2009-12-14 daineseAdded vertex distribution histos
2009-12-12 daineseAdded protections for volId==0 in TrackPoint
2009-12-12 jotwinowtriger class selsction added
2009-12-11 abercucinew PID 2DLQ performance
2009-12-10 abercucimaking the reference plot including
2009-12-10 abercucichanged the histogram type of the histogram for number...
2009-12-09 abercuciTrying to improve the offline task (Raphaelle)
2009-12-09 morschVZEROQA added
2009-12-08 cvetanUpdate of VZERO QA adding the offline trigger selection...
2009-12-08 daineseUpdated macro (Davide)
2009-12-08 jotwinownew histograms added
2009-12-07 cvetanStarting point of the VZERO quality-assurance analysis...
2009-12-05 daineseMore histos
2009-12-05 jotwinownew macro and small corrections
2009-12-05 daineseForgot to increase classdef
2009-12-05 daineseForgot to increase classdef
2009-12-05 dainesePossibility to use only ITSTPC or only ITSSA tracks...
2009-12-05 morschMissing task added.
2009-12-05 morschAnalysis QA task exploiting symmetries (charge, phi...
2009-12-04 daineseAdded more pt histos
2009-12-04 daineseUpdate macro, many more plots (D. Caffarri)
2009-12-04 daineseFlag to read only events of type 7
2009-12-04 abercuciprepare PID LQ ref maker for production
2009-12-04 abercuciadjustments for new PID ref maker LQ
2009-12-03 daineseremove some histos
2009-12-03 daineseUpdate task for ITS tracking check and new macro for...
2009-12-03 belikovA better binning for the new histogramms.
2009-12-03 belikovAdding a few more histogramms.
2009-12-03 abercuciupdate for AliTRDcalibDB::GetNumberOfTimeBinsDCS()
2009-12-03 abercucinew performance plot for K and p contamination
2009-12-02 abercucisave number of clusters/tracklet in debug stream
2009-12-01 belikovNow, the estimator can work with the tracklets too...
2009-11-30 abercucimove to AliTRDcalibDB::GetNumberOfTimeBinsDCS() (Raphaelle)
2009-11-30 jotwinowchange description and name of the function
2009-11-29 jotwinowforgot to remove the file
2009-11-29 jotwinowremove obsolate TPC macros
2009-11-29 jotwinowTPC related macros
2009-11-29 jotwinownew cuts and tasks added
2009-11-29 jotwinowmodifications related to primary track selection
2009-11-27 jotwinowextended by adding AliPerformanceMatch component
2009-11-27 jotwinowTPC efficiency wrt ITS added (A.Kalwait and J. Otwinowski)
2009-11-27 abercuciexample macros for EVE analysis using new ListAnalyser...
2009-11-25 belikovAdding a task for running the GlobalQA over the ESD...
2009-11-25 morschCall PostData() for each event.
2009-11-25 abercuciadd track status in debug stream
2009-11-25 abercuciimprove print-out
2009-11-25 abercucimove setting OCDB and GRP from default to user responsi...
2009-11-25 abercuciuncomment debug streaming in cluster2track residuals
2009-11-24 daineseBug fix for pp mode on real data
2009-11-24 belikovAdding the estimator for the interaction spot size...
2009-11-20 daineseForgotten .h
2009-11-19 daineseAdded correlation histos
2009-11-19 daineseFixed compilation warning (thanks Federico)