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2012-01-04 abercucifix coverity
2011-12-27 maseraBug fix
2011-12-26 maseraChanges to handle pass2 path names
2011-12-23 maseraPath names modified for LHC11h pass2 (Stefania)
2011-12-22 abercucifix coverity
2011-12-22 daineseCoverity
2011-12-21 abercucimonitor dQdl (PID) at TRD entrance
2011-12-20 daineseCoverity
2011-12-20 abercuciextend resolution task TrkIn module
2011-12-19 fbelliniBug fix + added plot t-texp
2011-12-19 abercucifix compilation of macro after extension of AliTRDcheck...
2011-12-15 morschFix avoiding SegViol
2011-12-15 marianchanging the cut on the track multiplicity for the...
2011-12-15 abercuciupdate for PWG1-EVE matching
2011-12-15 rpreghencpass0 code update (see README for more info)
2011-12-14 abercucicoverity fixes (Ionut)
2011-12-14 abercuciadd cluster monitoring from RecPoints
2011-12-08 abercucismall fix in the centrality-dependent plotting of the...
2011-12-08 abercuciadd setting centrality/multiplicity for all tasks
2011-12-07 cvetanFixes + possibility to ru the macro in compiled mode.
2011-12-07 abercuciadd multiplicity/centrality monitoring
2011-12-07 abercuciextend and update resolution task
2011-12-06 maseraNew reference run for SPD
2011-12-06 coppedisMacro 1
2011-12-05 marianInput lists for comparison separate for the
2011-12-05 marianadding more comments
2011-12-03 marianAdding macro to compare the tracks recunstructed with
2011-12-01 hristovFixes for #89368: QA final merging crashes REV-14 ...
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 cvetanCorrection (Raphael)
2011-11-30 coppedisUpdated task
2011-11-28 maseraAdded 2 optional arguments to the function MakePlot...
2011-11-28 maseraBug fix
2011-11-28 abercuciprotect resolution task against running on old data...
2011-11-28 maseraUpdated comparison run
2011-11-25 maseraBug fix
2011-11-25 abercucirecalculate eta/phi based on geometry
2011-11-25 abercuciadd chamber map/status maker
2011-11-24 morschUpdates
2011-11-24 maseraMacro for ITS QA trending
2011-11-24 maseraImproved histogram presentation
2011-11-24 cvetanLatest version of the trigger QA task used to monitor...
2011-11-24 abercuciadd missing include
2011-11-24 abercuciadd detector map for eta/phi plots
2011-11-24 abercucimake results scripts compilable for usage in the perfor...
2011-11-22 rpreghenTRD update
2011-11-22 coppedisUpdate to correctly plot TDC info
2011-11-22 cvetanAdding z vtx cut + some histo ranges updated + correcte...
2011-11-22 abercuciextend resolution task for monitoring occupancy and...
2011-11-21 cvetanTrending QA macro (Raphael)
2011-11-21 abercucifix coverity
2011-11-20 morschUpdate
2011-11-19 maseraThe pdf files are automatically merged in mergedRUNNUMB...
2011-11-19 maseraRun number inserted in the titles of the canvases....
2011-11-17 esickingEnhance number of bins for vertex-x,y plots
2011-11-17 esickingCorrected vertex x,y,z-position plots for vertexTPC...
2011-11-17 abercuciextention of resolution task for MC
2011-11-17 abercuciupdate to stay in sync with modifications by Ruben...
2011-11-17 abercucifix warnings
2011-11-17 abercucifix warning
2011-11-17 rpreghenupdates in TRD
2011-11-17 morschWarning corrected.
2011-11-16 jotwinowadded number of crossed rows (Markus Koehler)
2011-11-15 maseraFixed access to the input file
2011-11-15 agheatare-added AliGlobalFBFqa+ in the linkdef. PLEASE DO...
2011-11-14 fcaRemoving non existent class
2011-11-14 maseraComments added
2011-11-14 maseraGeneral macro for QA checks
2011-11-14 agheatanew task AliGlobalFBFqa to be added to PWG1 QA train...
2011-11-14 maseradelete macro AliITSQAchecks_prova
2011-11-14 maseraGeneral macro for QA checks
2011-11-14 cblume- In the ESD Run the beam type for PbPb has changed...
2011-11-13 morschQA update.
2011-11-13 daineseFiner binning
2011-11-13 cvetanFix for outliers in centrality.
2011-11-13 cvetanUpdate from Raphael.
2011-11-13 jotwinowchange settings from low flux to high flux
2011-11-13 morschMore protections needed for CAF
2011-11-12 jotwinowset max for the cluster in the production (Alexander...
2011-11-11 cvetanUpdate of the QA task (Raphael).
2011-11-11 cvetanUpdated macro to check the centrality trigger.
2011-11-11 morschRequest commit fixes and of new AN tag for QA on PROOF
2011-11-11 cvetanNext version of the analysis task used for extraction...
2011-11-11 cvetanUpdated version of the analysis task used to extract...
2011-11-11 rpreghenphysics selection -> OFF in TOF calib task
2011-11-10 cvetanAdding the correct trigger class names for HI data...
2011-11-10 coppedisHisto ranges update for TDC centered around 0
2011-11-10 rpreghenTRD update: adjustment of the validate threshold for...
2011-11-09 abercucidrop trigger selection in AliTRDinfoGen
2011-11-08 morschThe minimum number of ITS points is 4 instead of 6.
2011-11-08 rpreghenadded baseline macros and scripts for merge+makeOCDB...
2011-11-07 daineseTreating case of PbPb with vertexerZ and adding histos...
2011-11-07 marianUsing the RecoParam from the OCDB as a baseline
2011-11-07 cvetanFiltering out the beam-gas.
2011-11-07 cvetanFixing histogram ranges + minor (Raphael)
2011-11-07 abercuciprotect against missing centrality class
2011-11-06 jotwinownew TPC QA, DCA vs pT, DeltaPhi vs pT (Weilin Yu)
2011-11-04 cvetanAdding the new Pb-Pb V0 QA task to the PWG1 library...