Reintroduce the sqrt for the track length as indicated by S. Arcelli
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2007-07-18 marianCoding violation fixies + Usage of AliESDEvent (Marian)
2007-07-18 marianCoding violation + Usage of AliESDEvent (Marian)
2007-05-24 marianPWG1 -Coding conventions (Marian)
2007-05-24 marianPWG1 - renamed the classes - some of old files were...
2007-05-24 marianObsolet classes removed -renamed (Marian)
2007-05-24 marianAliESDComparaisonMI.h *.cxx renamed 4 new files
2007-05-21 marianTemporary disable V0 comparison - V0 label not stored...
2007-05-21 marianUse pointers instead of static members (Marian)
2007-05-21 marianAdding comparison (Marian)
2007-05-21 mariansome coding convention fixies (Marian)
2007-05-21 marianAliESDComparisonMI - extended comparison macro for...
2007-05-18 hristovFirst version of some classes for comparison and perfor...