new class for PbPb cut analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 /
2010-11-11 abercucismall fix in dir name of svnInfo file
2010-11-10 abercucifix monitoring histo binning/filling
2010-11-09 morschWarning corrected.
2010-11-09 cblumeNext round of fixes (Jochen)
2010-11-09 cblumeAdd tracklet tasks (Jochen)
2010-11-09 daineseChanges for heavy-ion
2010-11-08 cblumeAdd tracklet tasks (Jochen)
2010-11-05 daineseAdded flag to disable vertex recalc for every track
2010-11-05 daineseBug fix (Davide)
2010-11-05 jotwinowswitch off triggers (Markus Fasel)
2010-11-05 agheatanew version of HMPID QA task (D.Perrino)
2010-11-02 daineseAdded possibility to select a multiplicity range
2010-11-02 agheatanew version (Mihaela)
2010-11-02 daineseAdded histos for TPC-vertex efficiency and changed...
2010-10-29 abercucifix coverity and codding conventions
2010-10-28 jotwinowchanges to include AliPerformanceMach component (Michae...
2010-10-27 abercucifix codding conventions
2010-10-27 abercucifix coverity
2010-10-25 agheataThe task now initializes CDB also in Terminate if AliAn...
2010-10-22 morschUpdates (F. Bellini)
2010-10-22 jjoseCleaned up output of Cmake files and fixes to .pkg...
2010-10-21 morschMove HMPID QA code to PWG1.
2010-10-21 abercuci fix codding convention violations
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-19 jotwinowextentions by Jochen Thaeder
2010-10-19 morschUpdates (F. Prino)
2010-10-19 morschUpdates (F. Prino)
2010-10-19 morschTOF QA Task (F. Bellini)
2010-10-18 abercucitrigger names changed (Markus)
2010-10-18 abercuciadd condition in time to select generic clean drift...
2010-10-16 jotwinowmissing include
2010-10-15 jotwinowinit OCDB in Terminate necessary for trending (M. Knichel)
2010-10-15 agheataRegister extra file trending.root
2010-10-15 agheataFix in run number initialization
2010-10-15 agheataSelectCollisionCandidates for TPC task
2010-10-15 agheataChanged trending output container to kParam container...
2010-10-15 agheataTPC wagon modified
2010-10-15 jotwinowFinishTaskOuptut and trending information implemented...
2010-10-15 agheatamodified macro for simulation
2010-10-15 abercucinew fix for recursive merging
2010-10-15 agheataAdded TPC dEdX QA, fixed few other things
2010-10-15 abercucifix bug in merging routine
2010-10-14 abercucichanged function signature
2010-10-14 abercucinew systematic plot for mean x (drift) as function...
2010-10-13 esickingAdded PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects
2010-10-12 abercucibug fix in monitoring histo. Change data format from...
2010-10-11 abercucifix for monitoring number of pads/cluster
2010-10-11 abercucichange summary plots name accoring to convention propos...
2010-10-11 abercuci- robust results merging procedure
2010-10-10 jotwinowmacro to add ITS-TPC matching components
2010-10-10 jotwinowbug fix
2010-10-08 agheataProtection added if fESD not set. Run number set locall...
2010-10-04 dainesePrintout commented
2010-10-04 agheataNew working version of CDBconnect task. Has to be run...
2010-10-01 agheataAdded task for CDB connection, loading magnetic field...
2010-09-30 jotwinowmacro to init geom and B field from GRP
2010-09-30 jotwinowmacro to configure TPC QA and TPC dEdx info
2010-09-30 daineseUpdate
2010-09-30 agheataNew version of the QA train macro.
2010-09-30 abercucichange systematic and resolution plots
2010-09-30 abercucicache diffusion coefficients from AliTRDCommonParam
2010-09-29 agheataNew version of PilotAnalysis.C macro.
2010-09-29 abercucimodify ref histo for systematic and resolution calibrat...
2010-09-29 abercucimodify systematic r-phi plotting
2010-09-29 abercucichange dependent values on reference histograms
2010-09-28 abercuciadd identifiers between MC and no MC data for histo...
2010-09-27 abercuciremove left over print statement
2010-09-27 abercuciadd tracklet core selection and fitter
2010-09-25 jotwinowreduce memory consumption (Michael Knichel)
2010-09-25 jotwinowchange print out info
2010-09-23 abercucifix bug Analysis
2010-09-22 abercuciinitialize magnetic field in infoGen (moved from cluste...
2010-09-22 abercuciadd variable range on dy histo axis
2010-09-22 abercuciadd track selection based on global residual spread...
2010-09-21 daineseAdded histos for fakes
2010-09-20 abercuciuse folders TRD_Performance, TRD_Calibration and TRD_Al...
2010-09-20 abercucinew Qtot vs slice for tracks which are identified as...
2010-09-19 daineseMacro to plot the primary vertex efficiencies (Leonardo)
2010-09-17 abercuciupdate for changes in AliTRDpwg1Helper (Markus)
2010-09-16 jotwinowfixes by Simone Schuchmann
2010-09-16 hristovFixes for Coverity + changes to take into account the...
2010-09-16 jotwinowchanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-09-15 abercuciadd functionality to locally fit the track using linear...
2010-09-15 abercuciadd wrapper to TESTBIT macro to select TRD tasks
2010-09-15 abercuciprotect against missing cluster in tracklet
2010-09-15 abercucifix warnings
2010-09-14 esickingchanges for updated AliESDtrackCuts for ITS stand alone...
2010-09-13 daineseAdded histograms to monitor vertex efficiencies and...
2010-09-06 jotwinowfix warnings
2010-09-06 jotwinowupdate by Simone Schuchmann
2010-09-01 agheataCommented out useless printout.
2010-08-31 abercucifix codding convention violations (Markus H & Alex B)
2010-08-30 esickingChange number in constructor in order to remove a warni...
2010-08-30 marianSummary and trend extraction for TPC with modified...
2010-08-30 hristovFixes for bug #71975: BUFFER_SIZE problem reported...
2010-08-30 esickingcorrection of phi value for TPC tracks in recently...
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding convention (Markus)
2010-08-26 abercuciupdate for modifications in AliTRDpwg1Helper
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding conventions (Markus)
2010-08-26 abercucifix codding conventions. Still to be done: