- AliPhysicsSelection: protected writing of fHistBunchCrossing and fHistTriggerPattern
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 /
2010-05-10 mflorisFew improvements:
2010-05-10 abercuciremoved the condition on the 10 TPC clusters after...
2010-05-10 abercuciincluded all the non-friends
2010-05-07 jotwinowbug fix and small changed in the macros
2010-05-07 jotwinownew macro to run TPC MC performance
2010-05-05 marianAdding test of the track update with another track
2010-05-05 abercuciupdate task to read results from AnalysisResults.root...
2010-05-04 abercuciadditional fix for MC performance
2010-05-03 abercuciremove confusing setter for MC
2010-05-03 abercuciremove obsolete OpenFile call (Markus)
2010-05-03 abercuciupdate for running on GRID
2010-05-03 abercucifix warning
2010-04-30 morschUpdates.
2010-04-30 abercucifurther updates for align TRD tasks to PROOF (Markus)
2010-04-30 abercuci- change "load from file" mechanism to parallel the...
2010-04-29 abercucifix suffix in resolution exchange containers
2010-04-29 abercucirun locally the train with all tasks connected
2010-04-29 abercuci- updates to run with AliEn plugin (Markus)
2010-04-28 esickingadded plots for vertex position and extended axis range...
2010-04-28 daineseNumber of phi bins increased to 20
2010-04-28 marianThis test macro to test AliTracker functionality.
2010-04-28 mfloris- Introducing 2 types of pt distributions (loose and...
2010-04-28 abercuciupdates for running on grid (Markus)
2010-04-27 morschMost PWG1 AddTask macros used in the pilot QA train...
2010-04-27 abercuciadded default constructor needed for AliEn plugin ...
2010-04-27 abercucifix logic selection (suggested by Theodor)
2010-04-26 daineseBug fix
2010-04-23 daineseLittle fix
2010-04-23 daineseLittle fix
2010-04-23 daineseAdded d0 vs phi and cluster type
2010-04-22 marianCheck the presenece of the component (Marian)
2010-04-20 daineseCompute position and size of luminous region vs time...
2010-04-20 abercucitrue dqdl distribution as function of drift length...
2010-04-18 marianAdding chi2 of the fit.
2010-04-18 marianUse TObjString for summary info
2010-04-18 marian Make a Analysis/summary of syswatch.root files created...
2010-04-16 daineseAdded output containers for theta-dep histograms
2010-04-16 daineseAdded histograms vs theta and pt-dependent histogram...
2010-04-16 abercuci- Init exchange containers independently needed for...
2010-04-15 belikovCoding convention fixes
2010-04-15 marianChange names of the output conatainer and files
2010-04-13 jotwinowmodified ESDfriend reading
2010-04-13 dainesePossibility to disable diamond constraint for primary...
2010-04-13 daineseremove include fstream and Riostream
2010-04-13 daineseNew task for impact parameter resolution study
2010-04-13 abercucicomment out debugging in Calibration task settings
2010-04-13 abercuciextend functionality also for calibration files
2010-04-13 abercucisecond interation on implementing variable detector...
2010-04-12 mflorisFixing warning (range of distribution histos is float...
2010-04-12 esickingTask: In order to prevent memory leaks, TPConly tracks...
2010-04-12 cvetanWarning fixed
2010-04-12 mflorisAdding a subfolder "background" to PWG1, containing:
2010-04-08 abercuciexplicitly (Markus)
2010-04-08 marianM README.Train - readme file
2010-04-08 abercuciadd variable TRD segmentation levels. Possible options are
2010-04-08 marianMoving back the macro into TPC/macro directory
2010-04-08 marianremoving dupplicated configuration file
2010-04-07 abercuciupdates for the pilot train
2010-04-07 morsch- coding rule violations corrected
2010-04-06 belikovCoding convention fixes
2010-04-03 dainesePossibility to downsample low pt tracks
2010-04-01 morschOne more plot.
2010-04-01 abercuci- new pulls plots
2010-04-01 daineseUpdate
2010-04-01 daineseadded TPC dcaz VS eta
2010-03-31 abercucifix momentum axis for no of tracklets vs momentum
2010-03-31 abercuciprotect function against missing data
2010-03-31 abercucifix warning
2010-03-30 abercuciadd more points for no of tracklet probab as function...
2010-03-30 abercucicorrect manipulation of covariance matrix for pulls...
2010-03-29 dainesechanged slot number in Terminate
2010-03-29 daineseConverted to AliAnalysisTaskSE
2010-03-29 abercucifix plot Ntracklets/track as function pf p
2010-03-29 abercuciplot fixes
2010-03-26 abercuci- plot no clusters/track as function of PID
2010-03-25 morschUpdated
2010-03-25 morschUpdates.
2010-03-25 abercuci- new resolution picture for track resolution vs MC
2010-03-24 daineseAdding more histograms
2010-03-24 abercuciadd configurable segmentation for y resolution/residual...
2010-03-24 abercucinew short-cut macro to merge performance files
2010-03-24 abercuciadded documentation
2010-03-24 abercucinew resolution plots
2010-03-22 abercucinew plot w/wo TRD contribution for pt @ vertex
2010-03-22 abercuciadd debugging messages for collision event/track selection
2010-03-22 abercuciuse trigger selection only for real data
2010-03-22 belikovAdding the name of the responsible person
2010-03-20 marianAdding example to make summary log
2010-03-20 marianMacros for PWG1 train running/validation/certification
2010-03-19 marianMissing protection in case of not present Space points
2010-03-19 marianProtection against zerro pointer
2010-03-19 marianFixed missing class
2010-03-19 morschUpdates for SPD QA
2010-03-19 abercuciset by default collision selection
2010-03-18 abercuciuse tilt rotation to correctly calculate cluster &...
2010-03-18 abercucidefine monitoring External Track Param for TRD track...
2010-03-16 belikovCast to AliMCParticle
2010-03-16 abercucinew design for performance plots of the resolution...
2010-03-15 morschUpdates (M. Gheata)
2010-03-12 abercuciprimary track and eta cuts for TRD influence on pt...