Sergey: bug fix with storing cluster id's
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 /
2009-11-25 belikovAdding a task for running the GlobalQA over the ESD...
2009-11-25 morschCall PostData() for each event.
2009-11-25 abercuciadd track status in debug stream
2009-11-25 abercuciimprove print-out
2009-11-25 abercucimove setting OCDB and GRP from default to user responsi...
2009-11-25 abercuciuncomment debug streaming in cluster2track residuals
2009-11-24 daineseBug fix for pp mode on real data
2009-11-24 belikovAdding the estimator for the interaction spot size...
2009-11-20 daineseForgotten .h
2009-11-19 daineseAdded correlation histos
2009-11-19 daineseFixed compilation warning (thanks Federico)
2009-11-19 jotwinowwarning removed
2009-11-18 abercuciremove debug stream from official train
2009-11-18 abercucinew Trending variables in the detector checker task:
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-16 jotwinowfixed errors and warnings
2009-11-16 jotwinowadd pt calibration check component (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-16 jotwinowfollow coding convension (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-16 daineseAdded setters
2009-11-16 dainesePossibility to redo vertex on the flight
2009-11-13 daineseAdd possbility to read also the RecPoints
2009-11-13 daineseITS tracking analysis macros
2009-11-13 daineseUpdate of ITS tracking check task and related macros
2009-11-13 daineseAdded static method to convert track-points back to...
2009-11-13 abercucisimple run macro which we adapted for cosmics (Markus)
2009-11-13 daineseCorrect array size
2009-11-12 daineseAdd run number and timestamp to ntuple
2009-11-12 daineseNeed to load libTENDER before libPWG1
2009-11-12 abercuciadd new line at end of file
2009-11-12 abercuciadd option to use / neglect clusters which are not...
2009-11-11 jotwinowadd Muon trigger efficiency map task (D. Stocco)
2009-11-11 daineseNew task for ITS tracking check
2009-11-10 daineseNew task for ITS tracking check
2009-11-10 daineseRemove access to ESDfriends
2009-11-10 jotwinowTRD supply for tender (A. Bercuci)
2009-11-10 daineseRenamed output file to Vertex.Performance.root
2009-11-10 abercucichange library set needed to run the task
2009-11-10 abercuciswitched from treating all layers independently to...
2009-11-09 daineseNew task for primary vertex analysis
2009-11-09 daineseRemove obsolete macro
2009-11-07 jotwinownew performance classes (Simone Schuchmann)
2009-11-07 jotwinowfiles moved to TPC folder
2009-11-07 jotwinowmove all TPC related classes
2009-11-04 daineseAdded branch with RespSDD OCDB path
2009-11-04 daineseNew branches with run number and OCDB file ITS/Align...
2009-11-04 daineseAdded missing forward declarations
2009-11-04 daineseMove ITS-related tasks to ITS dir
2009-11-04 daineseMove macro to ITS dir
2009-11-03 jotwinowmacro to attched TRD to PWG1 train (A.Bercuci)
2009-11-02 cvetanPrototype of the QA analysis mini-train. It uses AliAna...
2009-11-02 abercuciupdate add macros for the PWG1 location
2009-11-02 marianAdding AliTPCComparisonPID class
2009-11-02 marianRemoved obsolete TSelector based class
2009-11-02 belikovFixing a compilation warning
2009-10-30 jotwinowchanges related to PWG1 train and small cleaning (A...
2009-10-30 abercucifix compilation mismatches in the new framework
2009-10-30 abercucicopy TRD performance train to PWG1
2009-10-29 jotwinowchange clashing names
2009-10-28 daineseOCDB map, OCDB file list and Bz written to UserInfo...
2009-10-28 belikovFixing compilation warnings
2009-10-27 jotwinowset default values and PDG code
2009-10-26 daineseLoad geometry in CreateOuputObjects(), instead of Exec()
2009-10-23 belikovFixing a compilation warning
2009-10-23 belikovAdding a task for the relative TPC-ITS alignment (M...
2009-10-22 jotwinowchanges by Ana Marin
2009-10-22 jotwinowadditinal data member
2009-10-22 jotwinowrejection of electrons fixed
2009-10-22 jotwinowmatching performance class AliPerformanceMatch added
2009-10-22 jotwinowmatching performance ITS-TPC-TRD class
2009-10-21 daineseadded protections
2009-10-18 jotwinowcode rules violation fixed (A.Marin)
2009-10-16 jotwinowcode violations fixed
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-10-15 daineseAdded possibility to run with plugin using libPWG1...
2009-10-15 daineseAdded event counter
2009-10-15 belikovFixing a compilation warning.
2009-10-14 jotwinowTo Add V0QA task A. Marin
2009-10-14 jotwinowBxByBz and error handling added
2009-10-14 jotwinowsmall modifications
2009-10-14 jotwinownew macro and small modifications
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-07 dainesePossiblity to check HLT trigger response
2009-10-06 daineseLittle update
2009-10-06 daineseNew task to check TPC-ITS track prolongation eff with...
2009-10-06 daineseNew task to check TPC-ITS track prolongation eff with...
2009-10-06 daineseUpdated ITS alignment data filter (run with alien plugin)
2009-10-06 cvetanUpdate from Andrea D.
2009-09-02 morschMCEvent::GetTrack gives back *VParticle.
2009-08-10 marianAdding new AnalysisTask for evaluation of meterial...
2009-07-22 cvetanMinor fix in space-points tree name (Andrea D.)
2009-07-20 cvetanUpdate of the alignment-data fileting macro including...
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0
2009-07-14 jotwinowQA for the on-the-fly V0
2009-07-08 belikovA new task for measuring the size of the beam interacti...