changed the order of call of endofcycle so that images are produced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FEMTOSCOPY /
2009-11-18 akisielLess verbose output
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-04 akisielMove to the CommoonFileName output
2009-10-26 akisielUse proper pair type
2009-10-26 akisielAdd Kaons
2009-10-26 akisielMore advanced PID selection
2009-10-23 akisielFix warning
2009-10-23 akisielUpdate runBatch.C to the version with arguments
2009-10-23 akisielSelect configuration via argumen
2009-10-23 akisielNew analysis config macro
2009-10-15 akisielFix warnings
2009-10-15 akisielFix warnings
2009-09-16 akisielFix warnings in AOD reader
2009-09-09 akisielAdd Reaction Plane aware analysis
2009-09-09 akisielAdd model version of DPhi DEta CF
2009-09-08 akisielAdd reaction-plane-aware analysis
2009-09-08 akisielUse non-absolute qout qside qlong
2009-09-08 akisielStore and read Reaction Plane information
2009-09-08 akisielAdd possibility to rotate event
2009-07-01 akisielAdd DEta DPhi correlation code
2009-06-24 akisielMove QA macro to new AddTask compatible format
2009-06-19 akisielIncreate event multiplicity cut
2009-06-05 akisielMore unnecessary log output
2009-06-05 akisielSuppress unnecessary log output
2009-06-05 akisielAdd AliFemtoCorrFctn to CINT
2009-06-05 akisielAdd protections for CINT
2009-06-05 akisielUpdate runBatch.C for the new AddTask.C macro
2009-05-19 akisielRandomize pair particle order for identical particles
2009-05-19 akisielUse selection cut in qinvf CF
2009-05-19 akisielCorrect charge for pim, use LCSM in SH CF
2009-05-15 akisielAdding two track QA macros
2009-05-12 akisielAdd option to use LCMS
2009-05-07 akisielDo not use includes in CINT
2009-05-07 akisielProtecting against non-existing gProof
2009-05-06 akisielAdd default most basic femto analysis macro
2009-05-04 akisielMake the macros run for PROOF and PROOFLite
2009-04-30 akisielAdd macros for Train2, using the latest Analysis Framework
2009-04-30 akisielAddTask macro for Femto code
2009-04-30 akisielMonitor chi2/Ncls
2009-04-30 akisielUse status information for primary vertex
2009-04-30 akisielProtect against tracks with no TPC clusters
2009-04-30 akisielAdapt task to newest Analysis Framework
2009-04-30 akisielAdd pair grouping to CF
2009-03-17 akisielFixing more warnings
2009-03-16 akisielFixing warnings
2009-03-09 akisielAdding PDG Pid monitor
2009-03-06 akisielNew directory for train macros
2009-03-06 akisielAdd histos from all analyses to the output
2009-03-06 akisielCorrectly add histograms from Ylm functions
2009-03-04 akisielNo need to compile Task, it is inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielPutting AnalysisTaskFemto inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielDo final processing
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-02-18 fcaCompletion of previous checkin
2009-02-09 akisielRemove gsl includes
2009-02-06 akisielAdd correlation functions binned directly in spherical...
2009-02-05 akisielAdd cut test vs. TPC Ncls
2009-02-05 akisielRemove dependence
2009-02-05 akisielAdd impact support and freeze-out coordinates from...
2009-02-05 akisielAdding cuts on impact parameters
2009-02-05 akisielFall back to the SPD vertex if there is not primary one
2009-02-05 akisielSupport old ESD
2009-02-05 akisielAccept multiplicities at the range edges
2008-11-20 akisielRandomizing particle order in the pair for identical...
2008-11-20 akisielFixing spelling
2008-11-20 akisielFixing violations
2008-11-08 akisielFixing gcc warnings
2008-11-04 akisielRemoving duplicate files
2008-10-22 akisielCommiting files mistakenly omitted
2008-10-17 akisielFixing warnings
2008-09-05 akisielQA classes from Dave
2008-07-28 hristovProvide dummy __FUNCTION__ on Solaris x86
2008-06-29 akisielUpdating example scripts
2008-06-26 akisielFixing destructor
2008-06-26 akisielFix assignment operator
2008-06-26 akisielAdd global hidden info type
2008-06-26 akisielGive the ability to guess if particle is primary
2008-06-25 akisielAdd event vertex position reading
2008-06-25 akisieladd event vertex position and error monitor
2008-06-24 akisielRemove unneeded debug output
2008-06-24 akisielAdd example local macro
2008-06-13 akisielEnable reading TPC only information for Kine reader
2008-06-12 akisielRemove unneeded parameter. Protect against missing...
2008-06-12 akisielAdding example on how to run on datasets
2008-06-12 akisielFix includes
2008-06-12 akisielCorrect z position saving
2008-06-12 akisielEnable reading TPC only parameters as the main ones
2008-06-12 akisielSave also EventCut histograms
2008-06-12 akisielAdding Eta and Phi histograms
2008-06-12 akisielAdding new cut monitors
2008-05-21 akisielFix warnings
2008-05-20 akisielFix shadow warnings
2008-05-16 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-15 hristovFixes to compile with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-05 akisielAdd ReadTPCInner
2008-04-30 akisielUpdates to the AliAnalysisFemtoTask. Adding default...
2008-04-23 akisielAdding new hidden info class for decay products
2008-04-04 akisielRemove uneeded file
2008-04-04 akisielFixing the .par file creation for PWG2femtoscopy, PWG2f...