Teaney correlator versus multiplicity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / AliFlowCommon / AliFlowAnalysisWithQCumulants.cxx
2011-04-25 snellingTeaney correlator versus multiplicity
2011-04-21 snellingadded Teaney correlator
2011-04-05 snellingadded track weight
2011-03-04 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-02-22 snellingcov
2011-02-17 snelling1.) QC code runs now even faster
2011-02-10 snellingadded 5particle correlator
2011-02-08 snelling5-particle cumulant
2011-02-04 snellingremove a number of histograms
2011-01-31 snellingcoverty fixes
2010-12-09 snellingprotect against root tprofile bug
2010-11-30 snellingsetting the number of bins
2010-11-19 snellingcovariances back as default + support plotting single...
2010-11-12 snellingremoved covariant terms
2010-10-17 snelling1.) Corrected and improved few things in reference...
2010-09-23 snellingBy default correction for non-uniform acceptance is...
2010-08-19 snellingfew more minor fixes
2010-08-18 snellingbug fix array out of bound
2010-08-18 snellingCalculating QCs at fixed M, rebinning at the and of...
2010-07-23 snellingsupport for nonisotropic detctor in SP method also...
2010-07-23 snellingallow for rebinning phi weights
2010-07-20 snellingadded plotting versus refmult and modified some classes...
2010-07-19 snellingcorrections versus multiplicity, correlations again...
2010-06-18 snellingusing reference multiplicity
2010-06-02 snellingadding some setters for multiplicity range
2010-05-26 snellingAdded full flow estimates as function of multiplicity
2010-05-26 snellingupdate to calculate correlators as function of multiplicity
2010-05-11 snelling1.) Minor correction in the QC and GFC classes: Treatme...
2010-04-14 snellingfixed coding violations + added errors for non-isotropi...
2010-03-05 snellingextension for mixed harmonics and some ^M
2010-03-05 snellingprevent adding histograms to directory to enable multip...
2010-03-03 snellingfix equation for partial overlap Reference Particles...
2010-02-08 snellingEqs. for non-isotropic terms for automatic correction...
2010-01-29 snellingupdated equations for use with weights, added macro...
2010-01-06 snellingupdate for single file output also when running locally
2009-12-08 snellingoption to calculate cumulants with various multiplicity...
2009-11-16 snellingfixing coding viol
2009-11-14 snellingfix formatting for microsoft compiler
2009-11-13 snellingfixes how common configurations are set
2009-11-09 snellingfix for using phi weights
2009-11-06 snellingcorrection for non-uniform acceptance for 2nd and 4th...
2009-10-26 snellingreenabled acceptance corrections differential flow...
2009-10-23 snellingfurther clean-up
2009-10-22 snellingcleanup
2009-10-22 snellingadded fHarmonic setter and getter + bug fix for RP...
2009-10-16 snellingdefault correction for acceptance and preliminary fix...
2009-10-16 snellingcleanup
2009-10-09 snellingupdated errors
2009-10-06 snellingimproved errors
2009-10-02 snellingQC preliminary statistical errors for 2nd order differe...
2009-09-29 snellingerrors for QC{8}
2009-08-28 snellingsmall bug fix
2009-08-27 snellingmore fit options for FQD, example how to use them added...
2009-08-07 snellinghave unique histogram names when using multiple instanc...
2009-08-03 snellingsmall correction for error calculation
2009-07-30 snellingredesign QC class
2009-07-04 snellingfix ownerschip of TLists
2009-06-30 snellingfirst step for error estimation QC{2}
2009-06-17 snellingwith fix for merging
2009-06-17 snellingcorrections for single particle distributions in Q...
2009-06-13 snellingfix for older files
2009-06-12 snellingcorrections for detector asymetry
2009-05-25 snellingmore methods facilitate to merge
2009-05-20 snellingmodifications to TLists naming to allow merging
2009-04-08 snellingmissing ifs
2009-04-07 snellingfixes for the fourth harmonic
2009-04-06 snellingsimplified code
2009-03-11 snellingconsistent naming
2009-03-11 snellingmore consistent names
2009-03-09 snellingforgotten delete
2009-03-09 snellingremoved external class
2009-03-07 snellingweights, weights now ok to fourth order in POI
2009-02-19 snellingprotection against divide by zero
2009-02-19 snellingweights correctly implemented for FQD
2009-02-18 snellingusing weights for Q cumulants 2nd order
2009-02-12 snellingspring cleaning, split flow lib into two