more for weigths
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / AliFlowEventSimpleMaker.cxx
2009-02-06 snellingmore for weigths
2009-02-06 snellingFirst implementation of phi, pt and eta weights for...
2009-02-03 snellingremoved one more cout
2009-02-03 snellingcleanup of some cout's
2009-01-09 snellingsimplified adding nonflow
2009-01-08 snellingmodified reader kinetree
2008-12-24 snellingUsing SimpleCuts for analysis on Kine
2008-11-27 snellingfix for memory leak after using selections
2008-11-11 snellingpatched warnings and few bug fixes for empty events
2008-08-15 snellingFill fix
2008-07-25 snellingMore methods ready for CAF
2008-06-18 snellingcustum Merge() and cleanup
2008-05-22 snellingmemory leaks
2008-05-21 snellingenabling MC comparison
2008-05-02 snellingMoved old reacton plane code to /oldcode