changed the order of call of endofcycle so that images are produced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / AliFlowTasks /
2009-11-13 snellingexplicit conversion and change of order arguments macro
2009-11-13 snellingmodifications for subevents
2009-11-05 snellingmatch changes CORRFW
2009-09-16 snellingfix factor 2
2009-09-16 snellingpreliminary version of event plane estimate for AOD...
2009-09-03 snellingadded support for EPOS
2009-09-02 morschMCEvent::GetTrack gives back *VParticle.
2009-08-04 snellingConsistent naming for FQD class
2009-07-03 snellingfix for cuts
2009-07-01 snellingfix for uninitialized pointer in case of different...
2009-07-01 snellingbring back some functionality which was deleted by...
2009-06-29 snellingalow for afterburning the ESD
2009-06-17 snellingallow to cut on multiplicity
2009-06-16 snellingreaction plane back for ESD
2009-06-16 snellingclean up of reading ESD (preparation for adding nonflow...
2009-06-16 snellingremoved redundant check
2009-06-13 snellingmake output to screen a bit less verbose
2009-05-28 snellingadded merging for Lee Yang Zeroes
2009-05-25 snellingmore methods facilitate to merge
2009-05-25 snellingUpdate to facilitate merging
2009-05-21 snellingmodifications needed for AddtaskFlow works again local...
2009-05-21 snellingupdate to get the eventplane from hijing
2009-04-26 snellinguse a seperate config file to set the cuts and options...
2009-04-23 snellingMoved the random geration to the macro
2009-04-22 snellingadded methods to simulate fluctuations in multiplicity...
2009-04-21 snellingadded setters for nonflow, flow and multiplicity in...
2009-04-09 snellingselect only primaries
2009-04-08 hristovDo not use relative paths in the include statements
2009-04-07 snellingadded 3D histograms
2009-04-06 snellingsimplified code
2009-03-17 snellingremoved hardwired disabling of branches
2009-03-17 snellingget reaction plane angle for gevsim events
2009-03-11 snellingconsistent naming
2009-03-11 snellingmore consistent names
2009-03-09 snellingremoved external class
2009-03-09 snellingmake equation work for not equal subevents
2009-03-07 snellingweights, weights now ok to fourth order in POI
2009-03-03 snellingfix flow calculation in scalar product
2009-03-02 snellingimplement integrated flow in scalar product method...
2009-02-27 fcaexit is in stdlib.h
2009-02-27 snellinguse excahnge container as input
2009-02-26 snellinga few extra null pointer checks
2009-02-26 snellingCleaning up the number of couts
2009-02-26 snellingMC task also now uses exchange container and gets MC...
2009-02-26 snellingpassing the mc reaction plane to the floweventsimple
2009-02-26 snellingcumulant tasks now use exchange container FlowEvent...
2009-02-25 snellingused floweventsimple exchange container
2009-02-25 snellingused Exchange containor as input for the various flow...
2009-02-25 snellingsmall mods for separate task
2009-02-23 snellingcorrectly filled integrated flow for RP and nameless
2009-02-23 snellinguncertainties back in, incase of weights still behaving...
2009-02-20 snellingPOI's and RP's for LeeYang Zeroes eventplane
2009-02-20 snellingpreparations for weights in generating function cumulants
2009-02-19 snellingPOI's and RPs in LeeYangZeroes
2009-02-19 snellingweights correctly implemented for FQD
2009-02-18 snellingusing weights for Q cumulants 2nd order
2009-02-18 snellingAdded the new class
2009-02-18 snellingFirst steps toward separate Task to fill the flow event
2009-02-13 snellingcorrect settings for POI and RP change name macro
2009-02-12 snellingadded the possibility to use weights of the Q vector...
2009-02-12 snellingspring cleaning, split flow lib into two