hooks for PMD flow analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / macros / AddTaskFlow.C
2011-03-07 snellinghooks for PMD flow analysis
2011-01-20 snellingove all PID related things to AliFlowTrackCuts, make...
2011-01-19 snellingi) Revision of the AddTaskFlow.C and the runTaskFlow...
2010-10-15 snellingadds PMD + fixes in cuts (reference multiplicity in...
2010-09-21 snellingAddTaskFlow.C: setting of exclusion range, change in...
2010-09-07 snellingturn on afterburner in macro
2010-09-01 snellingafterburner
2010-08-11 snellingAll formulas now work for any case of the overlap betwe...
2010-08-03 snellingadded mc info for strong parity violation calculation
2010-07-23 snellingsupport for nonisotropic detctor in SP method also...
2010-07-16 snellingadapted to trunk
2010-07-05 snellingFMD and ITS additions
2010-06-15 snellingadded option to create flow event from SPD tracklets
2010-06-14 snellingoption to also calculate generating function cumulants...
2010-06-02 snellingadding some setters for multiplicity range
2010-05-25 snellingadded features for fitting the Q distibution and a...
2010-04-15 snellingadded histograms
2010-04-09 snellingadded cuts and order of flags
2010-03-08 snellingchange default range
2010-03-08 snellingchange also to TaskSE
2010-03-05 snellingtask matching the new classes
2010-02-27 snellingmove some more tasks to TaskSE and add some setters
2010-02-19 snellingset default back to real data with physics selection
2010-02-19 snellingchanged inheritance to TaskSE
2010-02-18 snellingchanged configuration for TaskSE
2010-02-08 snellingenable setting of subevents
2010-01-29 snellingTo use phi weights in scalar product method
2010-01-28 snellingextra vertex cuts
2010-01-25 snellingmore cut options
2010-01-21 snellingupdate for LYZ
2009-11-18 snellingmod to go to one output file
2009-10-09 snellingimproved mult cuts for POI
2009-06-22 snellingupdate to set multiplicity cuts separately before and...
2009-06-17 snellingallow to cut on multiplicity
2009-06-03 snellingfix product method with <M> and better error messages...
2009-06-02 snellingupdates for running LYZ in both sum and product mode
2009-05-21 snellingmodifications needed for AddtaskFlow works again local...