hooks for PMD flow analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / macros / CreateAlienHandler.C
2011-03-04 snellingcut to remove laser tracks from good events !!!!!!
2011-02-12 snellingsimplify par files on the grid
2011-01-31 snellingfix for running with tender
2010-12-01 snellingswitches to using the centrality framework + some fixes
2010-11-30 snellingPID cuts + fixes
2010-11-07 snellingupdated the macros to run on the first heavy-ion data
2010-10-15 snelling1.) Added mode "mGridPAR" in runFlowTask.C and runFlowT...
2010-07-16 snellingadapted to trunk
2010-06-02 snellingthe current version
2010-06-02 snellinguse par files for the two flow libs on the grid
2010-05-11 snelling1.) Minor correction in the QC and GFC classes: Treatme...
2010-04-16 snelling1.) runFlowTask.C:
2010-03-03 snellingAdded option for running with alien plugin