first step for error estimation QC{2}
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / macros / compareFlowResults.C
2009-06-30 snellingfirst step for error estimation QC{2}
2009-06-12 snellingcorrections for detector asymetry
2009-06-08 snellingnew ratio plots to compare
2009-06-05 snelling AliFlowCommonHistLYZ1 => AliFlowCommonHistLYZ1SUM
2009-06-03 snellingalso new names in macros
2009-05-06 snellingerror propagation
2009-05-06 snellingadded weight option to onTheFly
2009-05-06 snellingbetter pt dependence simulation
2009-05-05 snellingextra plot
2009-05-05 snellingrenamed a method to load libs so that it does not clash...
2009-04-15 snellinga few more source files
2009-04-15 snellingmodifications to also run standalone in root
2009-03-18 snellingextra options
2009-03-11 snellingconsistent naming
2009-03-03 snellingadded scalar product to the plots
2009-02-23 snellingimproved plotting options
2009-02-20 snellingPOI's and RP's for LeeYang Zeroes eventplane
2009-02-13 snellingcorrect settings for POI and RP change name macro