hooks for PMD flow analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / macros /
2011-03-07 snellinghooks for PMD flow analysis
2011-03-07 snellingfixes
2011-03-04 snellingnew macro
2011-03-04 snellingcut to remove laser tracks from good events !!!!!!
2011-03-01 snellingextra macro
2011-02-17 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-02-12 snellingsimplify par files on the grid
2011-02-10 snellingtrain back
2011-02-10 snellingcleanup
2011-02-09 snellingadd pid qa task + fix TPC pid.
2011-02-07 snellingadded v3
2011-02-04 snellingremove a number of histograms
2011-01-31 snellingfix for running with tender
2011-01-20 snellingove all PID related things to AliFlowTrackCuts, make...
2011-01-19 snellingi) Revision of the AddTaskFlow.C and the runTaskFlow...
2011-01-07 snellingTOF recalibration now in tender
2010-12-26 snellingmodifications and additional classes for nonprimary...
2010-12-13 snellingRetrieving the number of analyzed events
2010-12-10 snellingupdate matching updates in centrality framework
2010-12-10 snellingcentrality fixes and ....
2010-12-07 snellingadded options
2010-12-01 snellingswitches to using the centrality framework + some fixes
2010-12-01 snellingupdate macro for parity studies
2010-11-30 snellingPID cuts + fixes
2010-11-30 snellingsetting the number of bins
2010-11-13 snellingmonte carlo flag
2010-11-12 snellingupdated macro
2010-11-12 snellingupdated macros
2010-11-12 snellingspd refmult + SetupPar
2010-11-11 snellingbug fix + offset centrality train
2010-11-11 snellingcentrality ranges
2010-11-11 snellingmacros with recent trigger
2010-11-11 snellingvzero refmult + updates to QA
2010-11-10 snellingmissing postdatay
2010-11-09 snellingextra quick QA option
2010-11-09 snellingbug fix
2010-11-09 snellingfix for multiple centralities
2010-11-09 snellingquick acces to QA histograms
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA class
2010-11-08 snellingadded new triggers
2010-11-08 snellingupdated macros with some current settings
2010-11-07 snellingtypo O instead of 0
2010-11-07 snellingadded VO_ALICE for caf
2010-11-07 snellingadded trigger settings Michele Floris
2010-11-07 snellingupdated the macros to run on the first heavy-ion data
2010-11-02 snellingFirst version of the plotting macro for the MH + calcul...
2010-10-23 snellingcode cleanup
2010-10-19 snellingtwo more ;
2010-10-19 snellingmissing ; in run macro
2010-10-19 snellingadds tracklets to flow cuts, fixes for MC analysis...
2010-10-18 snellingusing MK option
2010-10-18 snellingrestructured (1 try)
2010-10-17 snelling1.) Corrected and improved few things in reference...
2010-10-15 snelling1.) Added mode "mGridPAR" in runFlowTask.C and runFlowT...
2010-10-15 snellingadds PMD + fixes in cuts (reference multiplicity in...
2010-10-14 snellingmake macros compatible with centrality train
2010-10-14 loizidesremoved executable bit
2010-10-13 snellingenabling centrality "train"
2010-10-12 snellingchanged the rebinning
2010-10-11 snellingNew AliFlowTrackCuts and AliFlowEventCuts, allow runnin...
2010-10-06 snellingplot v_n versus multiplicity
2010-09-27 snellingadded a toy model for describing the correlations
2010-09-21 snellingAddTaskFlow.C: setting of exclusion range, change in...
2010-09-10 snellingfix calculation versus multiplicity
2010-09-08 snellingadd multiplicity dependence
2010-09-07 snellingturn on afterburner in macro
2010-09-01 snellingafterburner
2010-08-26 snellingcleanup of structure
2010-08-22 snellingrebin as function of pt
2010-08-20 snellingadds possiblilty to use filelists as imput to run on...
2010-08-19 snellingincreased default cut pt max value
2010-08-19 snellingadded subevents and used more recent settings
2010-08-19 snellingmacro to do alice flow analysis on star data
2010-08-18 snellingprotection against missing files
2010-08-18 snellingrewrite of cut classes
2010-08-15 snellingadjusted for renamed method SetCorrelatorInteger(1...
2010-08-11 snellingAll formulas now work for any case of the overlap betwe...
2010-08-11 snellingfixes initialization
2010-08-10 snellingadded reder for test on other data
2010-08-03 snellingadded mc info for strong parity violation calculation
2010-07-27 snellingadded rebinning also for subevent phi histograms
2010-07-23 snellingsimulate simple jet effects
2010-07-23 snellingsupport for nonisotropic detctor in SP method also...
2010-07-23 snellingallow for rebinning phi weights
2010-07-21 snellingupdated streamer version and macros cleaned up for...
2010-07-20 snellingmore recent data sets
2010-07-16 snellingadapted to trunk
2010-07-07 snellingupdate for subevent phiweights
2010-07-05 snellingFMD and ITS additions
2010-06-17 snellingadded detector acceptance effect in AliFlowEventSimple...
2010-06-15 snellingadded option to create flow event from SPD tracklets
2010-06-14 snellingoption to also calculate generating function cumulants...
2010-06-02 snellingthe current version
2010-06-02 snellinguse par files for the two flow libs on the grid
2010-06-02 snellingadding some setters for multiplicity range
2010-05-28 snellingremove PWG2AOD
2010-05-27 snellingsome updates for the plot layout
2010-05-26 snellingadded alice-caf for proof
2010-05-25 snellingadded features for fitting the Q distibution and a...
2010-05-16 snellingprotection if MCEP is not available