changed the order of call of endofcycle so that images are produced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FLOW / macros /
2009-11-18 snellingmod to go to one output file
2009-11-13 snellingexplicit conversion and change of order arguments macro
2009-11-13 snellingfixes how common configurations are set
2009-11-13 snellingmodifications for subevents
2009-11-12 snellingremoved .so from loadlibs
2009-11-09 snellingremoved obsolete setters
2009-10-22 snellingadded fHarmonic setter and getter + bug fix for RP...
2009-10-09 snellingput defaults back to ESD and showing stats
2009-10-09 snellingimproved mult cuts for POI
2009-10-09 snellingupdated errors
2009-10-02 snellingQC preliminary statistical errors for 2nd order differe...
2009-09-29 snellingerrors for QC{8}
2009-09-24 snellingreorganize ClearPackage, UploadPackage EnablePackage
2009-09-22 snellingby default clear all packages on caf
2009-09-14 snellingsome cosmetics and a bool to turn off legends
2009-09-10 snellingsmall option to turn of stats
2009-08-04 snellingConsistent naming for FQD class
2009-07-30 snellingplot also errors
2009-07-30 snellingredesign QC class
2009-07-04 snellingfix ownerschip of TLists
2009-06-30 snellingfirst step for error estimation QC{2}
2009-06-30 snellingcosmetics
2009-06-22 snellingupdate to set multiplicity cuts separately before and...
2009-06-18 snellingnew histogram + extra info statement
2009-06-17 snellingallow to cut on multiplicity
2009-06-16 snellingreaction plane back for ESD
2009-06-16 snellingclean up of reading ESD (preparation for adding nonflow...
2009-06-13 snellingsimulate partial acceptance
2009-06-12 snellingcorrections for detector asymetry
2009-06-08 snellingnew ratio plots to compare
2009-06-08 snellingmatching new names
2009-06-05 snelling AliFlowCommonHistLYZ1 => AliFlowCommonHistLYZ1SUM
2009-06-03 snellingfix product method with <M> and better error messages...
2009-06-03 snellingdo minuit fit only on request
2009-06-03 snellinglast macro to incorporate new names
2009-06-03 snellingalso new names in macros
2009-06-02 snellingset default settings for train
2009-06-02 snellingupdates for running LYZ in both sum and product mode
2009-05-29 snellingreplace empty file
2009-05-29 snellingput back old version, still some unexpected problems...
2009-05-29 snellingmerge in cycles
2009-05-28 snellingadded merging for Lee Yang Zeroes
2009-05-27 snellingcombined set of macros to merge the output
2009-05-27 snellingworks now on ESD and AOD output files as well
2009-05-25 snellingmore methods facilitate to merge
2009-05-21 snellingmodifications needed for AddtaskFlow works again local...
2009-05-20 snellingAdded some protection
2009-05-20 snellingsome cosmetics + start of new macro to merge output...
2009-05-17 snellingrenamed estimateSpread to showSpread
2009-05-17 snellingmacro to show the spread of results from independent...
2009-05-11 snellingadded uniform flow fluctuations
2009-05-08 snellingadded fluctuations in multiplicity in fixed range
2009-05-06 snellingset the default option
2009-05-06 snellingupdated config settings for train
2009-05-06 snellingerror propagation
2009-05-06 snellingadded weight option to onTheFly
2009-05-06 snellingbetter pt dependence simulation
2009-05-05 snellingextra plot
2009-05-05 snellingrenamed a method to load libs so that it does not clash...
2009-05-04 snellingfew extra options for momentum dependence v_n
2009-04-30 snellingfor mLocalSource use new class
2009-04-30 snellingsetter for nonflow
2009-04-29 snellingadded a few setters
2009-04-29 snelling a few mods how to do the randome numbers
2009-04-29 snellingevents based on the fly in memory and analysis for...
2009-04-26 snellinguse a seperate config file to set the cuts and options...
2009-04-23 snellingMoved the random geration to the macro
2009-04-22 snellingadded methods to simulate fluctuations in multiplicity...
2009-04-15 snellinga few more source files
2009-04-15 snellingmodifications to also run standalone in root
2009-03-18 snellingextra options
2009-03-14 snellingnames and protect against zero
2009-03-11 snellingconsistent naming
2009-03-09 snellingremoved external class
2009-03-03 snellingadded scalar product to the plots
2009-02-27 snellinguse excahnge container as input
2009-02-26 snellingCleaning up the number of couts
2009-02-26 snellingMC task also now uses exchange container and gets MC...
2009-02-26 snellingcumulant tasks now use exchange container FlowEvent...
2009-02-25 snellingused floweventsimple exchange container
2009-02-25 snellingused Exchange containor as input for the various flow...
2009-02-23 snellingimproved plotting options
2009-02-21 snellinga few more checks
2009-02-21 snellingbreak when there is no input file for second run
2009-02-21 snellingbreak when second run file for LYZ is not available
2009-02-20 snellingPOI's and RP's for LeeYang Zeroes eventplane
2009-02-20 snellingpreparations for weights in generating function cumulants
2009-02-19 snellingbetter defaults
2009-02-19 snellingforgot .root
2009-02-19 snellingPOI's and RPs in LeeYangZeroes
2009-02-19 snellingadded the option to use functions as weights
2009-02-19 snellingmodified macro to enable running in three modes: mLocal...
2009-02-19 snellingweights correctly implemented for FQD
2009-02-18 snellingusing weights for Q cumulants 2nd order
2009-02-18 snellingthe original was modified by fca so no need for a separ...
2009-02-18 snellingmethod same name as macro
2009-02-18 fcaCompletion of previous checkin
2009-02-17 snellingtempory macro to work in trunk with new methods to...
2009-02-13 snellingset PROOF as default
2009-02-13 snellingdefault clear all packages on caf