Add MCNSD flag to trigger mask
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FORWARD / analysis2 / AliAODForwardMult.cxx
2011-06-29 cholmAdd MCNSD flag to trigger mask
2011-05-13 cholmAliFMDEventInspector, AliFMDDensityCalculator, AliFMDSh...
2011-04-26 cholmFix case in comparisons
2011-04-06 cholmMega commit.
2011-03-28 cholmFixes
2011-03-25 cholmSome fixes
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed script to add Central AOD task from
2011-03-23 cholmMostly documentation changes.
2011-03-23 cholmNew static member function to define a trigger histogram.
2011-02-28 hdalsgaaVarious upgrades. NSD true trigger for MC, pileup selec...
2011-02-16 cholmFixes for coverty complaints
2011-02-13 cholmAdded class AliForwarddNdetaTask to do the dN/deta
2011-01-05 cholmDocumentation fixes
2010-11-16 cholmNew implementation of the forward multiplicity analysis.