Fixes for coverity checks.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FORWARD / analysis2 / AliFMDSharingFilter.cxx
2011-11-15 cholmFixes for coverity checks.
2011-10-05 cholmSome fixes for the QA train:
2011-09-02 hdalsgaasmall fix for last commit
2011-09-02 hdalsgaaMaking 3 strip sharing optional
2011-08-27 hdalsgaaBug fix for merging (A Hansen)
2011-08-01 hdalsgaaSharing diagnostics
2011-07-21 hdalsgaaMore sharing diagnostics
2011-07-07 hdalsgaaImproved sharing
2011-07-05 cholmWrite flag about UseSimpleMerging to output file
2011-07-01 hdalsgaaAdding a simpler algorithm for hit merging
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaUse new AliFMDMultCuts code for mutliplicity cuts
2011-05-13 cholmAliFMDEventInspector, AliFMDDensityCalculator, AliFMDSh...
2011-04-27 hdalsgaaAdding the option to zero shared entries below threshold
2011-04-06 cholmMega commit.
2011-03-29 cholmNew NSD selection for MC, and some small fixes
2011-03-04 cholmFix coding violations
2011-01-06 cholmAdded ROOT THtml docs to .cxx and top .h
2010-12-16 cholmMore code clean up.
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-24 cholmMake sure that histograms are obtained from output...
2010-11-16 cholmNew implementation of the forward multiplicity analysis.