Set init parameters from args
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2011-02-13 cholmSet init parameters from args
2011-02-13 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-13 cholmUpdates
2011-02-13 cholmUpdate documentation with comment from Luciano
2011-02-13 hdalsgaacorrection objects for 7 TeV.
2011-02-13 hdalsgaaThe revisited SPD cluster analysis in the new AOD frame...
2011-02-13 cholmScript supersceeded by AliForwarddNdetaTask.C and
2011-02-13 cholmAdded class AliForwarddNdetaTask to do the dN/deta
2011-02-10 hdalsgaafixing warnings from coverity
2011-02-09 cholmFix coverity issues
2011-02-04 cholmAdded script to set-up an analysis train for local...
2011-02-03 cholmFix up some drawing stuff
2011-02-03 cholmUpdates
2011-02-02 cholmUpdates
2011-02-02 cholmAliForwardMultiplicityBase: Insist on 2nd maps
2011-02-01 hdalsgaaFixes
2011-02-01 cholmFixes for AliForwardCorrectionManager persistency
2011-01-30 cholmDisable vertex bias, use B-A-C+2E normalisation
2011-01-30 cholmScripts to draw corrections
2011-01-29 cholmRenames and new scripts
2011-01-28 cholmAdded central dN/deta task based on tracks
2011-01-27 cholmMoved reading corrections into base class AliForwardMul...
2011-01-26 cholmVarious improvements
2011-01-25 cholmCopied from FMD
2011-01-23 hdalsgaanew background object for 7TeV
2011-01-19 cholmAddition of missing script
2011-01-19 cholmFixes, renames, etc.
2011-01-19 cholmRenamed AliFMDCorrDeadChannels to AliFMDCorrAcceptance
2011-01-19 hdalsgaaAdded dead-channel (acceptance) stuff
2011-01-19 hdalsgaaUpdates and fixes
2011-01-17 hdalsgaaMacro to add the energy distribution task to the train
2011-01-17 cholmUpdates
2011-01-17 cholmDoc updates
2011-01-14 cholmVarious updates
2011-01-12 cholmUpdates
2011-01-11 hdalsgaaFixes and beautification :-)
2011-01-11 hdalsgaa- Fixed double counting of events by not calliing
2011-01-07 hdalsgaasmall fix to the merging efficiency on or off
2011-01-06 cholmFixed a stupid bug
2011-01-06 cholmAdded ROOT THtml docs to .cxx and top .h
2011-01-05 cholmAdded
2011-01-05 cholmScript to draw energy loss fits directly from output...
2011-01-05 cholmAlso search sub-directories for ESD files
2011-01-05 cholmUpdates to MC density calculator
2011-01-05 cholmMC sharing sub-algorithm
2011-01-05 cholmMC corrections sub-algorithm
2011-01-05 cholmDoc fixes
2011-01-05 cholmDoc fixes
2011-01-05 cholmUse base class
2011-01-05 cholmFixes
2011-01-05 cholmNew base class for multiplicity tasks
2011-01-05 cholmAdded MC master task
2011-01-05 cholmMinor fixes
2011-01-05 cholmDoc fixes
2011-01-05 cholmRenamed
2011-01-05 cholmRenamed
2011-01-05 cholmRenamed
2011-01-05 cholmDoc fixes
2011-01-05 cholmDoc fixes
2011-01-05 cholmMade some member functions virtual, and clean-up
2011-01-05 cholmMade some member functions virtual, and clean-up
2011-01-05 cholmDocumentation fixes
2011-01-05 cholmAllow use for MC data
2011-01-05 cholmRemoved
2011-01-05 cholmAdded
2011-01-05 cholmRemoved
2011-01-05 cholmAdded
2011-01-05 cholmMade member functions virtual
2010-12-16 cholmSmall updates
2010-12-16 cholmAddeds some ignores
2010-12-16 cholmMore code clean up.
2010-12-16 cholmAdded some more scripts
2010-11-30 cholmAdded some ignores and moved script
2010-11-30 cholmAdded some ignores and moved script
2010-11-30 cholmImproved eloss fitting - see NIM B1, 16
2010-11-29 cholmAdded script to show fits
2010-11-29 cholmShow examples of all parameters that can be tuned
2010-11-29 cholmAutomatically add files *AliESDs*.root in src directory...
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-29 cholmNew sub-structure for fitting energy loss spectra with
2010-11-29 cholmNew energy fitter that uses Landaus convolved with...
2010-11-29 cholmAdded event inspector and energy distribution fitter.
2010-11-29 cholmMinor fixes
2010-11-29 cholmFixed up sNN recognision for Heavy Ion
2010-11-29 cholmadded script for visualising energy distributions
2010-11-29 cholmAdded script to run analysis locally, and visualise...
2010-11-29 cholmBefore extracting fit code to utils
2010-11-29 cholmFirst shot at MC corrections
2010-11-29 cholmScript to run analysis locally
2010-11-29 cholmAlgorithm to do event inspection - trigger, vertex
2010-11-29 cholmFirst go of energy loss spectrum algorithm.
2010-11-25 cholmFixes
2010-11-25 cholmMinor updates
2010-11-25 cholmUpdates
2010-11-25 cholmSmall changes
2010-11-25 cholmFixes for PROOF mode
2010-11-24 cholmMake sure that histograms are obtained from output...
2010-11-18 cholmMore documentation
2010-11-18 cholmFixed problems reported by alexander hansen