Fix Coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / FORWARD /
2011-12-06 cholmUpdates and fixes for QAPlotter
2011-12-05 cholmUpdates
2011-12-01 hdalsgaaIntroducing a flag to use V0AND instead of NSD1 for...
2011-11-23 hdalsgaaFixed a warning from FC
2011-11-23 hdalsgaaFixed a warning from FC
2011-11-21 cholmFixed warnings from FC
2011-11-18 cholmFixes for HTML generation
2011-11-17 cholmSome fixes for automatic HTML generation
2011-11-17 cholmSome fixes for automatic HTML generation
2011-11-17 cholmSome fixes for automatic HTML generation
2011-11-17 cholmSome fixes for automatic HTML generation
2011-11-17 cholmSome fixes for automatic HTML generation
2011-11-17 cholmFix warnings
2011-11-17 cholmMajor overhaul of the QA code.
2011-11-17 cholmMinor things
2011-11-15 cholmFixes for coverity checks.
2011-11-14 cholmUpdates to deal with an beam type of p-A.
2011-10-19 cholmInclude base class 'header'
2011-10-19 cholmExport OADB_PATH to slaves
2011-10-19 cholmFixes
2011-10-19 cholmFix double delete
2011-10-19 cholmEnable use iof GDB in PROOF sessions, and some updates...
2011-10-13 cholmFixed warnings [-Wunused-but-set-variable] from GCC...
2011-10-07 cholmMake sure PWG2/FORWARD/analysis2 is in the macro path
2011-10-05 cholmSome fixes for the QA train:
2011-09-26 cholmDisable 'words' histogram as it causes problems in...
2011-09-15 hdalsgaaBinning in occupancy plots
2011-09-13 hdalsgaaUpgrade to the Poisson calculation
2011-09-12 cholmFixes for QA train
2011-09-12 cholmSmall fixes
2011-09-12 cholmTrainSetup version of official QA train
2011-09-09 cholmFixes to prevent crashes
2011-09-02 hdalsgaasmall fix for last commit
2011-09-02 hdalsgaaMaking 3 strip sharing optional
2011-08-27 hdalsgaaBug fix for merging (A Hansen)
2011-08-24 hdalsgaaUpdated flow from AH
2011-08-22 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-22 hdalsgaaXY vertex plot
2011-08-22 hdalsgaaXY vertex plot
2011-08-22 hdalsgaaFix for A and C triggers in 2.76 TeV pp
2011-08-16 hdalsgaaMB fix for 2.76 TeV
2011-08-16 hdalsgaa7 TeV MC eloss fits
2011-08-11 hdalsgaaremoving pileup from Pb+Pb analysis
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-08-01 hdalsgaabug fix from A. Hansen - requesting proper mother parti...
2011-08-01 hdalsgaaSharing diagnostics
2011-07-21 hdalsgaaMore sharing diagnostics
2011-07-18 cholmAdded ELoss fits for 7TeV, -5G (real) - copy of 7TeV...
2011-07-18 cholmAdded 2nd map for 7TeV, -5G - copy of 7TeV +5G
2011-07-18 hdalsgaaViolation fixes from FC
2011-07-12 cholmVarious small fixes
2011-07-12 cholmUpdates to scripts. Mostly documentation and some...
2011-07-12 cholmUse symbolic flags for phi acceptance
2011-07-12 cholmScript to draw occupancies
2011-07-12 cholmAdded task to copy ESD header information to the AOD...
2011-07-08 cholmAdded first go at a QA task
2011-07-08 cholmFixes
2011-07-08 cholmCoverity fix
2011-07-07 cholmDoc fixes
2011-07-07 hdalsgaaImproved sharing
2011-07-07 cholmDocumentation fixes
2011-07-07 hdalsgaaFix to select only slow triggers for 2.76 TeV pp
2011-07-07 cholmDoxygen documentation fixes
2011-07-07 cholmDocumentation fixes for doxygen
2011-07-07 cholmDocumentation fixes for Doxygen
2011-07-07 cholmUse new AliPoissonCalculator
2011-07-07 cholmMoved to scripts
2011-07-07 cholmMoved to trains sub-directory and specific trains moved...
2011-07-07 cholmAdded more diagnostics histogram
2011-07-07 cholmRe-organised scripts
2011-07-07 cholmRe-organised scripts
2011-07-05 cholmWrite flag about UseSimpleMerging to output file
2011-07-05 cholmAdded script to test the energy loss assumptions and
2011-07-01 hdalsgaaAdding a simpler algorithm for hit merging
2011-06-29 cholmInitial commit of an abstract Poisson calculator
2011-06-29 cholmScript added - perhaps its not that useful
2011-06-29 cholmAdd MCNSD flag to trigger mask
2011-06-29 cholmAdd ignore
2011-06-29 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-06-20 hdalsgaaMissing conf file
2011-06-17 hdalsgaaAdded option for vertex and small fix for Poisson
2011-06-09 hdalsgaacoverity fix
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaStuff for cent
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaSmall fixes
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaAutomatically find final MC correction file
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaUse new AliFMDMultCuts code for mutliplicity cuts
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaAdded new methods to get lower bound as a fraction...
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaStupid CHC made a mistake - fixed
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaBla
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaAdded new class that holds multiplicity cut settings and
2011-05-13 cholmAliFMDEventInspector, AliFMDDensityCalculator, AliFMDSh...
2011-05-13 cholm2.76TeV pp MC energy loss fits from run 146859
2011-05-13 cholmNew scripts, and script updates
2011-05-11 cholmAdded corrections for pp @ 2.76TeV.
2011-05-11 cholmMior fixes
2011-05-11 cholmMior fixes
2011-05-11 cholmDoc updates
2011-05-11 cholmMinor fixes