-- modified cut analysis for Pb-Pb
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / PWG2forward2LinkDef.h
2011-04-29 cholmAdded MCTruth dN/deta task
2011-04-26 cholmAdded new classes and scripts
2011-04-07 cholmAdded task to do the analysis on track refs in the...
2011-03-15 cholmMC specific event inspector
2011-03-14 hdalsgaaUpgrades and fixes for coding violations from FC
2011-02-25 hdalsgaaincluding forward flow code build files
2011-02-21 cholmRefactoring of dN/deta task to common base class
2011-02-16 cholmCritical fixes to the SPD cluser code:
2011-02-15 cholmAdded class to make the dN/deta from SPD cluster
2011-02-13 cholmHHD forgot to update/commit this
2011-02-13 cholmAdded class AliForwarddNdetaTask to do the dN/deta
2011-02-01 cholmFixes for AliForwardCorrectionManager persistency
2011-01-26 cholmVarious improvements
2011-01-19 cholmFixes, renames, etc.
2011-01-05 cholmNew classes added
2010-12-16 cholmMore code clean up.
2010-11-29 cholmUpdated for changes
2010-11-25 cholmWhoops, forgot this one
2010-11-16 cholmAdded libPWG2forward2 - a new implementation of PWG2...