remove option C for Clear for trigger array for the moment, causes malloc error
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / RESONANCES / AliRsnCutBetheBloch.cxx
2011-01-26 pulvirAliRsnCutManager:
2011-01-24 pulvirSolved some of the issues raised by coverity server.
2010-11-19 pulvirUpdate of package classes.
2010-09-27 pulvirCorrections after survey of Coverity tests
2010-09-10 pulvirImplemented a correction for the warnings related to...
2010-08-25 pulvirfixed warnings
2010-07-31 pulvirMajor upgrade to the package, in order to speed-up...
2010-07-12 pulvirfixed warnings
2010-01-14 pulvirFixed the behaviour of these cut objects
2010-01-11 pulvirFixed a bug on retrieving TPC inner param
2010-01-11 pulvirMomentum checked at the inner wall of TPC
2009-07-17 pulvirMade a general review to fix as possible most coding...
2009-07-02 pulvirGeneral PWG2/RESONANCES package upgrade
2009-06-04 pulvirfixed the behaviour of these classes
2009-05-15 pulvirremoved obsolete implementation files from package
2009-05-15 pulvirNew classes required for revision of package