example macros to run on proof
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / RESONANCES / AliRsnEvent.h
2011-06-15 pulvirAdded Roberto's implementation of Kaon/Pion cuts for...
2011-06-14 pulvirFixed all fixable coding conventions violations
2011-04-21 pulvirSome bug fixes, removal of some duplicates and clarifie...
2011-04-06 pulvirImplementation of all needed changes in the package...
2011-03-08 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-03-07 pulvirAliRsnEvent:
2011-03-07 pulvirSome small code changes to adapt to requests for implem...
2011-03-03 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-02-28 pulvirPWG2rsnextra:
2011-02-22 pulvirRemoved all dynamic_cast calls to convert referenced...
2011-02-21 pulvirAliRsnCut:
2011-02-17 pulvirDaughter:
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved old ME classes, since the nex event mixing...
2010-12-10 pulvirImplemented a static AliRsnEvent pointer to point to...
2010-11-19 pulvirUpdate of package classes.
2010-11-09 pulvirBlock of updates on RSN package:
2010-08-10 pulvirUpdate to the analysis on MC data only.
2010-07-31 pulvirMajor upgrade to the package, in order to speed-up...
2009-12-18 pulvirUpgrades for setting up a working version of ME task
2009-07-17 pulvirMade a general review to fix as possible most coding...
2009-07-02 pulvirGeneral PWG2/RESONANCES package upgrade
2009-05-15 pulvirNew classes required for revision of package
2009-03-11 pulvirfew modifications on package, waiting for AOD complianc...
2009-01-29 pulvirAliRsnMCInfo:
2008-11-20 pulvirCorrected a bug and removed functions which caused it
2008-10-17 pulvirRemoved warnings from RESONANCES code
2008-09-30 pulvirCorrections, bug fixes and a class name change
2008-09-18 pulvirPackage revised - New AnalysisTask's - Added more functions
2008-07-30 pulvirRenamed classes: these with old name are removed and...
2008-06-23 pulvirPackage upgrade.
2008-05-13 pulvirChanges in code and adding task
2007-02-21 pulvirremoved eff-c++ warnings
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2006-11-09 pulvirSplitted multiplicity computation
2006-10-20 pulvirfixed coding conventions violations
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnEvent in the RESONANCES directory