Improved functionality of AliRsnDaughterDef::MatchesDaughter()
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / RESONANCES / AliRsnMother.h
2011-02-17 pulvirMade compliant with previous Daughter commit
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved old ME classes, since the nex event mixing...
2010-11-19 pulvirUpdate of package classes.
2010-11-09 pulvirBlock of updates on RSN package:
2010-11-08 pulvirAdded cut for checking multiplicity and done some adapt...
2010-08-10 pulvirUpdate to the analysis on MC data only.
2010-08-03 pulvirAdded the possibility to compute theta* of a pair
2010-07-31 pulvirMajor upgrade to the package, in order to speed-up...