removed obsolete commented methods
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / RESONANCES / AliRsnPair.cxx
2009-06-10 pulvirremoved obsolete commented methods
2009-05-20 pulviradded Rsn cut on required PID and methods to set and...
2009-05-15 pulvirremoved obsolete implementation files from package
2009-05-15 pulvirNew classes required for revision of package
2009-03-17 pulvirfixed warnings
2009-03-11 pulvirfew modifications on package, waiting for AOD complianc...
2009-01-29 pulvirAliRsnMCInfo:
2008-11-13 pulvirCode:
2008-10-17 pulvirRemoved warnings from RESONANCES code
2008-10-13 pulvirAdded event-mixing management in buffer and some new...
2008-09-30 pulvirCorrections, bug fixes and a class name change
2008-09-18 pulvirPackage revised - New AnalysisTask's - Added more functions
2008-07-30 pulvirRemoved classes not included in compilation
2008-06-23 pulvirtemporary place holder
2008-05-13 pulvirCode upgraded;Added reader for AOD/MC;Added AnalysisTask