Implementing better the kSigma2 approach - dEdx(measured)/dEdx(theory)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / SPECTRA / macros / drawProtonResults.C
2010-02-08 pchristImplementing better the kSigma2 approach - dEdx(measure...
2010-02-08 pchristEta-y dependent ratios for each pT bin
2010-02-08 pchristAdding the normalized dE/dx vs P plot
2010-02-06 pchristMC vs data comparison
2010-02-03 pchristdE/dx slices in P
2010-01-29 pchristdca vs pT plots
2010-01-28 pchristAdding the possibility to check the background contribu...
2010-01-05 pchristModification in the analysis code: offline trigger
2009-12-12 pchristMods in the drawProtonResult
2009-12-10 pchristAdding the event stats control plot
2009-12-09 pchristModifications in the control plots
2009-12-07 pchristAdopting for real data + improvments in the macro to...
2009-12-04 pchristAdding the QA plots for real data