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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / UNICOR /
2009-12-15 miskoAdapted to pp collision data.
2009-11-13 miskoBug fix - the array ax was too short. Thanks to Andrei...
2009-11-06 miskoCommon output file implemented in AddTaskUnicor.C
2009-11-02 miskoGetOutputData() now used in AliAnalysisTaskUnicor:...
2009-06-12 miskoPreparing UNICOR for running on PWG2 train etc.
2009-06-10 miskoSecond attempt to add UNICOR. In its present version...
2008-12-01 fcaRemoving UNICOR code
2008-11-28 hristovRemoving obsolete files
2008-11-27 hristovMoving UNICOR to PWG2