Removing an extra directory
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / libPWG2.pkg
2007-10-10 hristovRemoving an extra directory
2007-10-04 alibraryFinish the move RICH to HMPID
2007-05-03 panosAdding femtoscopyUser in the compilation (Adam)
2007-04-26 panosAdding the femtoscopy package in the PWG2 compilation
2007-01-15 panosAdding the AliESDtrackCuts in PWG2
2006-12-12 hristovIncluding the FLOW analysis in the PWG2 compilation...
2006-12-04 panosSplitting the different PWG2 libraries
2006-06-08 panosAdded AliBalance to libPWG2.pkg
2006-06-06 panosModifications in the location of the source files.
2006-06-05 hristovResonance analysis (A.Pulvirenti)