Unicor is lower case now (Stefan)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2009-08-05 hristovUnicor is lower case now (Stefan)
2009-08-05 snellingbug fix
2009-08-05 snellinga few extra methods for fitting
2009-08-04 snellingConsistent naming for FQD class
2009-08-03 snellingsmall correction for error calculation
2009-07-31 bhippolyUpgrade : raw material to get efficiency corrections...
2009-07-30 snellingplot also errors
2009-07-30 snellingredesign QC class
2009-07-28 bhippolyUpdate for Kink tasks from Evi Ganoti
2009-07-28 bhippolyAdding Charged Hadron Spectra task from Alexander Kalwe...
2009-07-24 bhippolyIntroduction of Charged Hadron Spectra task from Alexan...
2009-07-22 pulvirAdded a CORRFW analysis task for selection of single...
2009-07-22 pchristAdding the first version of the MC+AOD analysis for...
2009-07-18 pchristAdding the config and the AddTask macros + correspondin...
2009-07-17 pulvirMade a general review to fix as possible most coding...
2009-07-17 pchristModifications in the balance function code + addition...
2009-07-07 pulvirFixed some errors
2009-07-07 pchristFirst version of the merging function to be used for...
2009-07-07 pchristFirst look at the global tracking mode: usage of asymme...
2009-07-06 pulvirFixed error in macro
2009-07-04 snellingfix ownerschip of TLists
2009-07-03 snellingfix for cuts
2009-07-02 akisielFix include path
2009-07-02 akisielUpdate the runBatch.C macro to the most recent code...
2009-07-02 pulvirSynchronized with current package version.
2009-07-02 pulvirGeneral PWG2/RESONANCES package upgrade
2009-07-02 pulvirIncluded cut on primary vertex into compilation
2009-07-02 pulvirAdde cut selection for primary vertex quality
2009-07-01 akisielAdd the new classes to the compilation
2009-07-01 akisielAdd DEta DPhi correlation code
2009-07-01 bhippolyDca bug corrected thanks to J-G.Contreras (second try...
2009-07-01 bhippolyDca bug corrected thanks to J-G.Contreras
2009-07-01 snellingfix for uninitialized pointer in case of different...
2009-07-01 snellingbring back some functionality which was deleted by...
2009-06-30 pchristAdding a cut for the production vertex for findable...
2009-06-30 snellingfirst step for error estimation QC{2}
2009-06-30 snellingcosmetics
2009-06-30 snellingfix for weights for GFC{2}
2009-06-29 snellingalow for afterburning the ESD
2009-06-29 pchristFix for the hybrid TPC approach when looking if the...
2009-06-25 akisielCommenting out non-working statements
2009-06-25 bhippoly1. Histos added for assessing the reconstruction effici...
2009-06-24 akisielMove QA macro to new AddTask compatible format
2009-06-23 hristovRemove implicit calls to TString::TString(int) - this...
2009-06-23 pchristFixes for the analysis modes (Marek)
2009-06-22 snellingupdate to set multiplicity cuts separately before and...
2009-06-22 pulvirbugfix in macro
2009-06-19 akisielCorrect UNICOR library name
2009-06-19 akisielIncreate event multiplicity cut
2009-06-19 akisielAdd PWG2 Train2 example steering macro
2009-06-19 akisielAdd unicor Kink evchar
2009-06-19 akisielPROOF-INF for evchar
2009-06-19 akisielChange the function to match the macro name
2009-06-19 akisielAdd proper comments
2009-06-19 akisielAdd missing AliFemtoCorrFctn
2009-06-19 snellingusing multiplicity weight for filling the eventwise...
2009-06-18 bhippolyprotection added in the Terminate as suggested by A...
2009-06-18 bhippolyprotection added in the Terminate as suggested by A...
2009-06-18 snellingnew histogram + extra info statement
2009-06-17 snellingwith fix for merging
2009-06-17 snellingcorrections for single particle distributions in Q...
2009-06-17 snellingallow to cut on multiplicity
2009-06-17 enricoAddTask macro for analysis train
2009-06-16 snellingreaction plane back for ESD
2009-06-16 snellingclean up of reading ESD (preparation for adding nonflow...
2009-06-16 snellingremoved redundant check
2009-06-13 snellingfix for older files
2009-06-13 snellingmake output to screen a bit less verbose
2009-06-13 snellingsimulate partial acceptance
2009-06-12 bhippolyAdding GlobalQA task of I. Belikov
2009-06-12 bhippolyRetiring obsolete TSelector stuff
2009-06-12 miskoPreparing UNICOR for running on PWG2 train etc.
2009-06-12 snellingcorrections for detector asymetry
2009-06-10 bhippolyChange name of output container to avoid conflict with...
2009-06-10 cvetanNewlines at EOF
2009-06-10 bhippolyAdd only once "fdcodeH" to "fListOfHistos" as advised...
2009-06-10 miskoSecond attempt to add UNICOR. In its present version...
2009-06-10 pulvirupdated source compilation files collection
2009-06-10 pulvirremoved obsolete commented methods
2009-06-10 pulvirfixed warning
2009-06-10 pulvirupdate treatment of PID weights in tracks
2009-06-10 pulvirupdate to cut classes
2009-06-09 pchristAdd macro for the LRC (Andrey Ivanov)
2009-06-08 snellingnew ratio plots to compare
2009-06-08 snellingmatching new names
2009-06-05 bhippolyUpdate Kink Analysis from Evi Ganoti
2009-06-05 bhippolyUse of PID info (ESD combined PID and/or MC PID) for...
2009-06-05 akisielMore unnecessary log output
2009-06-05 akisielSuppress unnecessary log output
2009-06-05 akisielAdd AliFemtoCorrFctn to CINT
2009-06-05 akisielAdd protections for CINT
2009-06-05 akisielUpdate runBatch.C for the new AddTask.C macro
2009-06-05 snelling AliFlowCommonHistLYZ1 => AliFlowCommonHistLYZ1SUM
2009-06-04 bhippolyAdding Cascade performance task to PWG2spectra
2009-06-04 pulvirCRITICAL COMMIT for RSN package:
2009-06-04 pulvirfixed the behaviour of these classes
2009-06-04 bhippolyNew macro for checking Cascade reconstruction (A.Maire)
2009-06-04 snellingoptimize range for LeeYangZeroes to find zero
2009-06-04 snellingsmall bug fix when returning zero
2009-06-03 bhippolyBug fix: proper place to reinitialise the generic MC...