A new method DrawPMDModule is added
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2008-06-10 snellingjust one histrogram for now
2008-06-10 snellingcleanup
2008-06-07 snellingcleanup
2008-06-07 snellingFirst setup for passing histogram lists
2008-06-07 snellingInherit from TOject for persistency
2008-06-07 snellingcleanup and inherit from TOBject
2008-06-06 bhippolyRetire ESD only task
2008-06-06 bhippolyInheritancy from TaskSE and AOD input added
2008-06-06 bhippolyRename before further modifications
2008-06-05 snellingtest macro for cumulant proof test
2008-06-03 snellingadded conf for making flow par file for grid and CAF
2008-06-03 pchristFirst version of the long range correlation studies...
2008-06-02 snellinga new line
2008-06-02 snellingworking cumulant task
2008-06-02 snellingAdded analysis task for the cumulants (still some work...
2008-05-27 snellinglast one
2008-05-26 snellingput back destructor
2008-05-26 snellingremove some shadows
2008-05-26 snellingremove some warnings
2008-05-23 snellingFixed some initialization warnings
2008-05-22 snellingctor and assop
2008-05-22 snellingctor and asingment
2008-05-22 snellingremove some warnings (more to come)
2008-05-22 snellingmemory leaks
2008-05-22 cvetanNew line missing.
2008-05-21 snellinguse the libPWG2flow
2008-05-21 snellingenabling MC comparison
2008-05-21 akisielFix warnings
2008-05-21 snellingadded uQ method for proton-proton
2008-05-20 akisielAdapt branch names to the new ESD format
2008-05-20 akisielFix shadow warnings
2008-05-20 akisielFix shadow warnings
2008-05-19 pchristChanges needed for the analysis train (Mihaela).
2008-05-16 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-15 fcaChanging fabs into TMath::Abs
2008-05-15 hristovNew line at the end of the file
2008-05-15 hristovFixes to compile with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-13 pulvirexamples for AliRsnReaderTask usage
2008-05-13 pulvirCode upgraded;Added reader for AOD/MC;Added AnalysisTask
2008-05-13 pulvirChanges in code and adding task
2008-05-13 pulvirChanges in code and adding task
2008-05-13 pulvirChanges in code and adding task
2008-05-09 snellingUse FlowVector
2008-05-07 akisielAdd task to update the already existing AOD with femto...
2008-05-07 snellingremoved possible division by zero
2008-05-07 snellingadded private empty copy ctor and assignment op
2008-05-07 snellingcopy ctor's
2008-05-07 snellingasignment operator fix
2008-05-06 snellingadded copy ctor and assignment
2008-05-05 snellingadded copy ctor and assignment op
2008-05-05 akisielFurther fixes to the par file generation
2008-05-05 akisielAdd ReadTPCInner
2008-05-05 snellinga few more empty newlines at the end of the files
2008-05-05 snellinga new line added (for a buggy gcc)
2008-05-05 pulvirPAR library for resonance package
2008-05-02 snellingMoved old reacton plane code to /oldcode
2008-05-02 snellingMoved old reacton plane code to /oldcode
2008-04-30 akisielUpdates to the AliAnalysisFemtoTask. Adding default...
2008-04-23 akisielAdding new hidden info class for decay products
2008-04-22 akisielCorrect the PWG2femtoscopy par file
2008-04-16 akisielFixing the PWG2femtoscopyUser PROOF-INF directory
2008-04-15 akisielAdding par file generation scripts for PWG2femtoscopyUser
2008-04-10 pulvirAdded codes for PWG2resonances.par archive
2008-04-09 hristovUsing ARCH instead of PLATFORM
2008-04-04 akisielRemove uneeded file
2008-04-04 akisielFixing the .par file creation for PWG2femtoscopy, PWG2f...
2008-03-18 akisielFixes to the Makefile from Mihaela
2008-03-17 fcaRemoval of warnings
2008-03-16 fcaeffc++ warnings corrected
2008-03-16 fcaeffc++ warnings corrected
2008-03-14 akisielFix effc++ warnings
2008-03-13 fcaAdding static_cast to keep the compiler happy
2008-03-10 akisielAdding new classes to compilation
2008-03-10 akisielAdding model correlation functions.
2008-03-10 akisielAdding new correlation function binnig in 3D in (qinv...
2008-03-10 akisielAdding files neccessary for effc++ fixes
2008-03-10 akisielFixing effc++ warnings and code rule conformance
2008-03-10 akisielFixing effc++ warnings and code rule conformance
2008-03-06 akisielFix effc warnings
2008-02-27 akisielUpdating the AliAnalysisFemtoTask to work with
2008-02-25 akisielAn example macro creating 2d histograms for the
2008-02-18 akisielAdding an AnalysisTask for the femto analysis
2008-02-18 akisielExample macro creating the PWG2 specific AOD from
2008-02-18 akisielFiz library name
2008-02-18 akisielAdds new classes to the AliFemto package that are ...
2008-02-18 akisielAdding the PWG2 AOD code
2008-02-12 akisielAn example macro for running data analysis on AOD directly
2008-02-12 pchristMinor fixes - Mihaela
2008-02-08 pchristProton analysis for AODs - analysis train
2008-02-08 pchristAOD analysis for protons - analysis train
2008-02-05 akisielBring AliFemto up to date with latest code developements
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2007-12-20 bhippolyReal data task only (no MC) from H.Ricaud
2007-12-20 bhippolyCouple of Updates from H.Ricaud
2007-12-19 bhippolyAdding proton histograms and v0 selections
2007-12-04 panosRemoving lines from the readme file
2007-12-04 panosRemoving par files
2007-12-03 panosi)Adding the file containing the 5 TF1 objects to calcu...
2007-12-02 bhippolyStreaming allowed for selection data members (needed...
2007-11-27 panosPossibility to define a momentum dependent prior probab...