macro and flowevent maker to run part of the code in root
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2009-01-30 snellingmacro and flowevent maker to run part of the code in...
2009-01-29 pulvirAliRsnMCInfo:
2009-01-28 snellingfixed bugs with underflows
2009-01-27 snellingimproved the style histograms
2009-01-27 pchristAdding the possibility to run the analysis in eta-pT...
2009-01-27 snellingfixed a memory leak
2009-01-27 snellingfurther updates Q cumulants
2009-01-27 snellingbug fixes Q cumulants for overlapping selections
2009-01-26 snellingpass ESD AOD or whatever to the macro
2009-01-26 snellingadded more plotting options
2009-01-23 snellingupdated histos for monte carlo info
2009-01-23 snellingfor local runs write histograms lists singlekey
2009-01-22 snellingchange in naming LYZ outputfiles for plotting
2009-01-22 snellingrunning local for SP and LYZEP and new histograms for QC
2009-01-22 snellinglocal write fix
2009-01-21 snellingmore hist from Q vector cumulants and updated plot...
2009-01-21 pchristAdding the error in the particle composition plots
2009-01-20 snellingExtra histograms GFC cumulants + rule checker corrections
2009-01-16 snellingadding histograms
2009-01-16 snellingFlow values not in %
2009-01-15 snellingimproved the look of the figure to compare the differen...
2009-01-14 snellingProtection for fitting almost empty histogram
2009-01-13 snellingBug fixes in GFC
2009-01-12 pchristMinor changes in the macros/tasks
2009-01-12 pchristMinor changes in the macros
2009-01-09 snellingoption to turn of alternate sets of equations used...
2009-01-09 snellingadded 8th order cumulant distribution
2009-01-09 snellingsimplified adding nonflow
2009-01-09 pchristTaking into account properly the analyzed phase space...
2009-01-08 snellingmodified reader kinetree
2008-12-29 pchristAdding the trigger and vertex checking in both the...
2008-12-24 snellingUsing SimpleCuts for analysis on Kine
2008-12-23 snellingmisc small mods
2008-12-22 snellingmisc cleanup
2008-12-19 snellingAdded new class to make simple kinematic cuts
2008-12-18 snellingadded 8th order Q cumulant
2008-12-17 pchristAdding the vertex check and the trigger info in the...
2008-12-08 snellingextra info in legend
2008-12-08 pchristProper usage of include (Andrei)
2008-12-05 snellingadded a band for montecarlo results
2008-12-05 snellingMacro to plot and compare integrated and differentail...
2008-12-05 snellingFor Q cumulant fix naming conventions. For generating...
2008-12-04 pchristMinor changes - acceptance cut
2008-12-04 pchristi) Calculate the reconstruction efficiency for primarie...
2008-12-03 snellingadded the possibility to disable PID
2008-12-03 snellingadded bool to turn off pid selection
2008-12-02 snellingextra histogram for sigma^2
2008-12-02 bhippolyMakes new rules checker happier (part 2) from Antonin...
2008-12-02 snellingUsing common results histograms
2008-12-02 snellingUing common results histograms
2008-12-02 bhippolyMakes new rules checker happier (part 1)
2008-12-01 fcaRemoving UNICOR code
2008-12-01 snellingAdded seperate methods to write histograms to a file...
2008-12-01 snellingcheck and warn if directory list is empty
2008-12-01 pchristForcing the TPC tracks to be related to the TPC vertex...
2008-12-01 snellingadded a common macro to run on local kine only files
2008-12-01 pchristForcing the TPC tracks to be related to the TPC vertex
2008-11-28 hristovRemoving obsolete files
2008-11-27 miskoadded linkdef and pkg for UNICOR in PWG2
2008-11-27 snellingfix for memory leak after using selections
2008-11-27 snellingAdded a new methods (fitting of Q vector distribution)
2008-11-27 hristovMoving UNICOR to PWG2
2008-11-25 pchristFixing a bug in the QA and some updates in the visualiz...
2008-11-24 pulvirAllow inclusion of package headers for CORRFW
2008-11-20 akisielRandomizing particle order in the pair for identical...
2008-11-20 akisielFixing spelling
2008-11-20 akisielFixing violations
2008-11-20 pulvirCorrected a bug and removed functions which caused it
2008-11-19 snellingprotect against small multiplicities
2008-11-19 pulvirpackage file and LinkDef adapted to new added class
2008-11-19 pulvirNew class for customizing PID weights in ESD reading
2008-11-19 pulvirAdded tutorials
2008-11-18 snellingadded qcumulants to macro and removed old macros
2008-11-18 snellingfix for the cumulants to use cuts from the CORRFW
2008-11-17 snellingcleanup print statements
2008-11-16 snellingcleanup empty lines and updated Cmake file
2008-11-16 snellingadded new function to dictionary
2008-11-16 snellingnew methods and possiility to run all methods in same run
2008-11-14 pulvirAliRsnCut:
2008-11-14 pchristAdding kinematic cuts for MC
2008-11-13 pulvirCorrection
2008-11-13 pulvirCorrection
2008-11-13 pulvirAdded treatment of TPC only
2008-11-13 pchristHeader file that was missing
2008-11-13 pchristProtection against invalid particle object
2008-11-13 snellingfixed warnings
2008-11-13 pulvirAdapted to changes of RSN package
2008-11-13 pulvirCode:
2008-11-13 fcaFile removed
2008-11-12 fcaCorrect character constantness
2008-11-11 snellingextrea option for correction framework cfmgr2->SetNStep...
2008-11-11 snellingtested cumulant code for proof
2008-11-11 snellingpatched warnings and few bug fixes for empty events
2008-11-10 akisielFixing GCC warnings
2008-11-08 akisielFixing gcc warnings
2008-11-07 bhippolyGives aruments to the AliESDv0::GetD(x,y,z)
2008-11-07 bhippolyGives aruments to the AliESDv0::GetD(x,y,z)
2008-11-06 snellingupdated cumulats to work with standard macros
2008-11-05 pchristAdding the file that didn't want to be added - sorry
2008-11-05 pchristAdding the reconstruction and PID efficiency in the...