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2009-11-04 hdalsgaasmall corrections
2009-11-04 hdalsgaaCorrection coding violations from FC
2009-11-03 akisielFix trivial syntax error
2009-11-02 snellingshort description of the package from Naomi's presentation
2009-11-02 miskoGetOutputData() now used in AliAnalysisTaskUnicor:...
2009-10-31 bhippolycorrect initialization warnings (fca)
2009-10-30 bhippolyone more change (from P.Ganoti pganoti@phys.uoa.gr)
2009-10-29 bhippolyRulechecker-complying update from P.Ganoti (pganoti...
2009-10-28 bhippolyUpdating Strange tasks (by H.Ricaud, hricaud@gsi.de)
2009-10-28 hdalsgaanew energy distributions for 900 GeV
2009-10-26 hdalsgaaFixes for the IO problem in the FMD analysis (cholm)
2009-10-26 snellingreenabled acceptance corrections differential flow...
2009-10-26 hdalsgaaSetting the version of AliFMDAnaParameters in classdef...
2009-10-26 pulvirModifications in analysis tasks for train
2009-10-26 akisielUse proper pair type
2009-10-26 akisielAdd Kaons
2009-10-26 akisielMore advanced PID selection
2009-10-23 bhippolyUpdating Kink tasks (by P.Ganoti, pganoti@phys.uoa.gr)
2009-10-23 snellingfurther clean-up
2009-10-23 bhippolyAdding new task macros for Kink resonance analysis...
2009-10-23 akisielFix warning
2009-10-23 akisielUpdate runBatch.C to the version with arguments
2009-10-23 akisielSelect configuration via argumen
2009-10-23 akisielNew analysis config macro
2009-10-23 pchristModification of the analysis mode from TPC to Hybrid...
2009-10-22 snellingadded += and + for AliFlowVector
2009-10-22 snellingcleanup
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-22 hdalsgaanew FMD correction objects for 900GeV
2009-10-22 hdalsgaanew features and management of objects
2009-10-22 hdalsgaaadding collision energy of 7000 GeV
2009-10-22 snellingadded fHarmonic setter and getter + bug fix for RP...
2009-10-21 pchristFixing warnings
2009-10-21 hdalsgaaFixing a warning from FC
2009-10-21 hdalsgaaAdding the sharing efficiency and event selection effic...
2009-10-21 hdalsgaafixing of warnings from FC
2009-10-19 bhippolyRemoving a warning
2009-10-16 snellingdefault correction for acceptance and preliminary fix...
2009-10-16 snellingcleanup
2009-10-16 hdalsgaaFixes of coding violations
2009-10-15 pulvirAdded two new axes (mt and y) for pairs and the possibi...
2009-10-15 akisielFix warnings
2009-10-15 akisielFix warnings
2009-10-14 bhippolyRemoving warnings
2009-10-09 snellingput defaults back to ESD and showing stats
2009-10-09 snellingimproved mult cuts for POI
2009-10-09 snellingupdated errors
2009-10-08 hdalsgaachanging paths to match new directory structure
2009-10-08 hristovMoving the FMD analysis to PWG2
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-07 snellingfix histograms
2009-10-06 snellingimproved errors
2009-10-02 snellingQC preliminary statistical errors for 2nd order differe...
2009-09-29 snellingerrors for QC{8}
2009-09-24 snellingreorganize ClearPackage, UploadPackage EnablePackage
2009-09-22 snellingby default clear all packages on caf
2009-09-16 pulvirFixed warnings
2009-09-16 akisielFix warnings in AOD reader
2009-09-16 snellingfix factor 2
2009-09-16 snellingpreliminary version of event plane estimate for AOD...
2009-09-16 akisielAdd Reaction Plane analysis to compilation
2009-09-14 snellingsome cosmetics and a bool to turn off legends
2009-09-10 snellingsmall option to turn of stats
2009-09-09 akisielAdd Reaction Plane aware analysis
2009-09-09 akisielRemove the Phi Cut from compilation
2009-09-09 akisielAdd model version of DPhi DEta CF
2009-09-08 bhippolyfrom A.Maire (Antonin.Maire@ires.in2p3.fr)
2009-09-08 hristovReverting commit 34674 since AliFemtoAnalysisReactionPl...
2009-09-08 akisielAdd Reaction Plane analysis to compilation
2009-09-08 akisielAdd reaction-plane-aware analysis
2009-09-08 akisielUse non-absolute qout qside qlong
2009-09-08 akisielStore and read Reaction Plane information
2009-09-08 akisielAdd possibility to rotate event
2009-09-03 snellingadded support for EPOS
2009-09-02 morschMCEvent::GetTrack gives back *VParticle.
2009-08-28 snellingsmall bug fix
2009-08-28 pchristSplitting the configuration files for the proton analys...
2009-08-28 pchristAdding the run macro for the feed-down analysis (Michal)
2009-08-28 pchristNew LRC package from Andrey
2009-08-27 snellingmore fit options for FQD, example how to use them added...
2009-08-13 bhippolyIntroduction of azimuthal correlation studies for Cascades
2009-08-13 pchristAdding the feed-down code in the compilation and in...
2009-08-12 pchristAdding the feed-down task/class for protons (Marek)
2009-08-12 bhippolydebug flag initialization added in AliResonanceKink
2009-08-12 pchristModification in the config file
2009-08-11 bhippolyhad to introduce fDebug too (AliResonance does not...
2009-08-11 bhippolyverbose output of Kink tasks only when fDebug is >1
2009-08-11 pchristFix the config file
2009-08-08 bhippolyUpdated version A.Kalweit's AliAnalysisTaskChargedHadro...
2009-08-07 snellinghave unique histogram names when using multiple instanc...
2009-08-05 hristovUnicor is lower case now (Stefan)
2009-08-05 snellingbug fix
2009-08-05 snellinga few extra methods for fitting
2009-08-04 snellingConsistent naming for FQD class
2009-08-03 snellingsmall correction for error calculation
2009-07-31 bhippolyUpgrade : raw material to get efficiency corrections...
2009-07-30 snellingplot also errors
2009-07-30 snellingredesign QC class
2009-07-28 bhippolyUpdate for Kink tasks from Evi Ganoti
2009-07-28 bhippolyAdding Charged Hadron Spectra task from Alexander Kalwe...