Fixing T0 compilation
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2010-04-07 snellingstart of moving various methods into the flowevent
2010-04-06 hdalsgaaFixing warnings
2010-03-31 miskoUNICOR version used for the HBT draft version 1.3.
2010-03-31 pchristMinor changes (remove TMath::Abs from the dca distribut...
2010-03-31 pchristBug fix for the absorption in y (Michal)
2010-03-30 snellingfix for bug introduced with last checkin
2010-03-28 pchristProper conversion to cm
2010-03-28 bhippolyImplementation of task destructors (B.Hippolyte)
2010-03-27 pchristAdding the pt dependent dca cut
2010-03-27 pchristFixing warning and adding new functionality (Andrey)
2010-03-25 hdalsgaaUpgrades and fixes of warnings from FC
2010-03-25 snellingfixes code viols
2010-03-24 akisielFixing coding rule violations
2010-03-23 akisielFix warnings
2010-03-21 miskoanalysis task with event mixing
2010-03-21 miskoAliUnicorAnalGlobal: histogram cemu added
2010-03-19 bhippolyFollowing advices of A.Maire and A.Gheata for Tasks...
2010-03-19 bhippolySUMMARY = CFContainer improvement + step towards bookke...
2010-03-19 hdalsgaafixing coding violations from FC
2010-03-19 akisielAdding variable comments
2010-03-19 akisielAdd SPD multiplicity selection and monitoring
2010-03-19 akisielFix coding convention violations
2010-03-19 snellingfixes coding violations
2010-03-17 bhippolyNew addTask with selection options (B.Hippolyte)
2010-03-17 hdalsgaafixing a warning
2010-03-16 akisielFix warnings
2010-03-16 pchristFixing conventions (Andrey Ivanov)
2010-03-16 akisielFix coding convention violations 2
2010-03-16 akisielFix coding convention violations
2010-03-11 snellingfix coding violations
2010-03-11 snellingextra methods to generate flow for odd harmonics
2010-03-11 pchristFixing based on suggestions
2010-03-11 hdalsgaaAdding a placeholder class for the backward-forward...
2010-03-10 pchristRapidity mode for the absorption corrections
2010-03-10 pchristUpdating the parameters
2010-03-08 snellingmod comment
2010-03-08 snellingadded comment
2010-03-08 snellingchange default range
2010-03-08 snellingchange also to TaskSE
2010-03-07 snellingadded the lines for SKAF
2010-03-05 snellingtask matching the new classes
2010-03-05 snellingextension for mixed harmonics and some ^M
2010-03-05 pulvirfixed warning
2010-03-05 snellingprevent adding histograms to directory to enable multip...
2010-03-05 snellingmove nested loops calculations for testing purposes...
2010-03-04 snellingAdded method to calculate flow using mixed harmonics...
2010-03-04 hdalsgaaA few missed warnings from FC
2010-03-03 snellingfix equation for partial overlap Reference Particles...
2010-03-03 hdalsgaafixing warnings and violations from FC
2010-03-03 snellingAdded option for running with alien plugin
2010-03-03 pchristArgh - Multiply instead of Divide
2010-03-03 pchristAdding the possibility to correct for the cross section
2010-03-02 bhippolyWarning corrected by C.Andrei
2010-03-01 snellingfix loop over bins
2010-03-01 pulvirFixed warning
2010-02-28 akisielFix warnings
2010-02-27 bhippolyCorrection of a minor warning (B.Hippolyte)
2010-02-27 bhippolyImportant update for the task CheckV0 (B.Hippolyte)
2010-02-27 snellingmove some more tasks to TaskSE and add some setters
2010-02-27 pchristFixing warning
2010-02-25 snellinguse cuts for poi and rp also onthefly
2010-02-25 pchristProper TPC momentum for the PID
2010-02-23 pchristCorrections for secondaries
2010-02-23 snellingadditions to the toy model to test the methods with...
2010-02-23 pchristChanges in the QA + control plots for secondries to...
2010-02-22 snellingsetters for nonflow in either eta or pt range
2010-02-20 bhippoly1. CheckCascade :
2010-02-19 pulvirSince there are some cuts which require to take informa...
2010-02-19 snellingset default back to real data with physics selection
2010-02-19 snellingchanged inheritance to TaskSE
2010-02-18 snellingbug fixes
2010-02-18 snellingchanged configuration for TaskSE
2010-02-18 snellingChange to TaskSE
2010-02-16 pchristCut on either of the SPD layers - better implemented
2010-02-15 hdalsgaabug fix
2010-02-14 bhippolyCorrect warning for initialization orders (PerformanceS...
2010-02-14 bhippolyAdding a protection for retrieving the TList in the...
2010-02-14 pchristAdding the possibility to include/exclude the usage...
2010-02-14 pchristEvent stats for QA
2010-02-14 pchristEvent stats for QA
2010-02-14 pchristEvent stats in QA
2010-02-13 pchristRefining the kRatio PID mode
2010-02-12 pchristdca plots - updated version
2010-02-12 hdalsgaaA simple script to run analysis
2010-02-12 hdalsgaamissing from last commit. Sorry
2010-02-12 hdalsgaaUpgrade following the 900 GeV data. A lot of extra...
2010-02-12 bhippolyUpdated version of AliAnalysisTaskPerformanceStrange...
2010-02-12 pchristCorrections for secondaries
2010-02-12 bhippolyArgghh... small typo... corrected
2010-02-11 bhippolyUpdate AddTaskPerformanceStrange: MC and PID flags
2010-02-11 bhippolyfinal Armenteros-Podolanski resolution
2010-02-10 pchristCorrections for the secondaries - knocked out from...
2010-02-10 snellingadd some comments
2010-02-10 pchristApply corrections
2010-02-09 pchristCorrections for scondaries kicked out of the material
2010-02-08 snellingEqs. for non-isotropic terms for automatic correction...
2010-02-08 pchristAdding the possibility to use or not the online/offline...
2010-02-08 pchristImplementing better the kSigma2 approach - dEdx(measure...
2010-02-08 pchristEta-y dependent ratios for each pT bin
2010-02-08 snellingdefault: run all methods