Minor corrections to air-filled container volumes (M. Sitta)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2011-02-11 snellingfor TPC pid get the momentum at tpc inner wall
2011-02-11 prinoUpdated multiplicity selection (Leonardo)
2011-02-10 snellingtrain back
2011-02-10 pchristAdding comparison macros
2011-02-10 snellingcleanup
2011-02-10 snelling5 particle cumulants
2011-02-10 hdalsgaafixing warnings from coverity
2011-02-10 snellingadded 5particle correlator
2011-02-10 pchristCoverity fix and addition of new macros for the fluctua...
2011-02-10 pulvirSlight modification of the cut behaviour outside the...
2011-02-10 pulvirCoverity fix
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved last dependence on TOF (--> tender required)
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved last dependence on TOF (--> tender required)
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved filling of useless histograms of really used...
2011-02-09 cholmFix coverity issues
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved old ME classes, since the nex event mixing...
2011-02-09 pulvirAdded a macro which uses new PID cuts
2011-02-09 hristovRemove compilation warnings
2011-02-09 snellingadd pid qa task + fix TPC pid.
2011-02-08 snellingadded few more binary eccentricity distributions
2011-02-08 pulvirSplitted resonance library into two separate elements:
2011-02-08 pchristCoverity fix
2011-02-08 snelling5-particle cumulant
2011-02-08 snellingextra harmonics
2011-02-08 akisielFix Compilation warnings
2011-02-08 mflorisCoverity fixes
2011-02-08 loizidesCoverty fixes
2011-02-07 snellingadded v3
2011-02-07 akisielUpdate the AOD reader to the latest AOF content
2011-02-07 akisielFix Coverity 115811-27, 14756-822 14472
2011-02-07 akisielFix Coverity 115811-27, 14756-822 14472
2011-02-06 lbarnbyClean up fitting code, add K0s mode, changes for using...
2011-02-04 pchristUpdated ITS spectra task and relevant macros - Adding...
2011-02-04 snellingremove a number of histograms
2011-02-04 pulvirRecovery ESDpid from InputHandler
2011-02-04 cholmAdded some more scripts to installation
2011-02-04 cholmAdded script to set-up an analysis train for local...
2011-02-03 pulvirChecked and cleaned code on all PID cuts. Removed TOF...
2011-02-03 snellingadded setter for harmonics
2011-02-03 snellingMods for K0 and D0 flow
2011-02-03 cholmFix up some drawing stuff
2011-02-03 cholmUpdates
2011-02-03 akisielAdd the include for AOD Handler
2011-02-03 akisielAdd possibility to run in ESD-to-AOD train. Fix Coverit...
2011-02-03 akisielFix Coverity 10652-3
2011-02-03 akisielFix Coverity 10974-82
2011-02-03 akisielFix Coverity 10982
2011-02-02 pchristUpdated working version of the ebye charge fluctuation...
2011-02-02 pchristRemoving old code
2011-02-02 cholmUpdates
2011-02-02 pulvirBugFix from Martin
2011-02-02 cholmAliForwardMultiplicityBase: Insist on 2nd maps
2011-02-01 hdalsgaaFixes
2011-02-01 cholmFixes for AliForwardCorrectionManager persistency
2011-02-01 snellingbugfix: get momentum from default parameters in TPC...
2011-01-31 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-01-31 snellingfix for running with tender
2011-01-30 pchristMinor updates
2011-01-30 pchristNew class
2011-01-30 cholmDisable vertex bias, use B-A-C+2E normalisation
2011-01-30 cholmScripts to draw corrections
2011-01-29 pchristNew code for the multiplicity and charge fluctuation...
2011-01-29 pchristRemoving obsolete code
2011-01-29 cholmRenames and new scripts
2011-01-28 snellingsome coverty fixes
2011-01-28 pulvirFixed warnings
2011-01-28 akisielNew version from Jorge
2011-01-28 cholmAdded central dN/deta task based on tracks
2011-01-28 akisielFix Coverity 14290-1
2011-01-28 mflorisFix coverity defects
2011-01-28 mflorisFixing coverity defects
2011-01-28 mflorisusing v4-21-13-AN
2011-01-27 prinoFix for coverity
2011-01-27 snellingbug fix assignment
2011-01-27 snellingextra AOD cuts
2011-01-27 prinoUpdated values for dE/dx resolutions
2011-01-27 mflorisEnabled PID cuts by default
2011-01-27 cholmMoved reading corrections into base class AliForwardMul...
2011-01-27 mflorisMain fitting macro
2011-01-27 pulvirAdded a utiliy class for TOF correction, extrapolated...
2011-01-27 mflorisFitting code from Lee and updated scripts
2011-01-27 pulvirAdded some cut configuration printout for checks
2011-01-27 snellingadded AOD cuts
2011-01-27 pulvirBugfixes in quality track cuts
2011-01-26 pulvirCorrections in new cut classes
2011-01-26 hristovFixed copy/paste error
2011-01-26 hristovFixed copy/paste error
2011-01-26 hristovAdding par file for PWG2evchar
2011-01-26 hristovCorrection for bug #77355: Generation of PARs
2011-01-26 mflorisAdded fit macro from M. Putis
2011-01-26 mflorisAnnotations
2011-01-26 cholmVarious improvements
2011-01-26 pulvirBugfix in definition of data member constant
2011-01-26 pulvirREmove some other obsolete classes
2011-01-26 pulvirSplitted the PID cuts into three classes for ITS, TPC...
2011-01-26 pulvirAliRsnCutManager:
2011-01-25 mflorisMemory leak fixes in the AOD and MC loops (M. Putis)
2011-01-25 pulvirAdded new classes to dictionary
2011-01-25 pulvirNew analysis task objects with the capability to do...
2011-01-25 cholmCopied from FMD