New version of SPD raw-data reconstruction. The format now correponds to the actual...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2006-11-09 pulvirImproved Print() function
2006-11-09 pulvirSplitted multiplicity computation
2006-11-07 pulvirremoved dependence from AliHeader
2006-11-02 panosChanging AliBalance to TObject.
2006-10-24 pulvirexample macros
2006-10-23 panosAdding a couple of setters for the different BF terms...
2006-10-20 pulvirfixed coding conventions violations
2006-07-10 bhippolyUpdate macros with AliAODv0::DecayLengthV0(double*...
2006-06-23 bhippolyExample macros for using AliAODv0 class
2006-06-22 panosAdding the esdV0 selector in the SPECTRA directory...
2006-06-19 panosAdding the macros that is used among the PWG2 to create...
2006-06-08 panosAdded AliBalance to PWG2LinkDef.
2006-06-08 panosAdded AliBalance to libPWG2.pkg
2006-06-08 panosMoving Balance Function source code from the ANALYSIS...
2006-06-08 panosAdding Makefile in the PWG2 module. This makefile will...
2006-06-08 panosRemoved Makefile
2006-06-08 panosCommit PWG2 Makefile. To compile the code of the PWG2...
2006-06-06 panosRemoving files from the base directory.
2006-06-06 panosModifications in the location of the source files.
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnReader in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnEvent in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnDaughter in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnDaughterCut in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnAnalysis in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-05 hristovResonance analysis (A.Pulvirenti)