adding new sample component for RAW data analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2010-08-28 hdalsgaabug fixes
2010-08-26 snellingmore text
2010-08-26 pulvirvarious bugfixes to the efficiency task, add a Print...
2010-08-26 mflorisImprovements for systematic studies
2010-08-26 snellingcorrect overloading SetMCReactionPlaneAngle
2010-08-26 snellingcleanup of obsolete code
2010-08-26 hdalsgaafixing of warnings and adding a custom NSD trigger
2010-08-26 snellingcleanup of structure
2010-08-26 pulvirAdded a cut to select physical primaries in a simple...
2010-08-26 snellingcleanup
2010-08-26 snellingexamples and documentation
2010-08-26 mflorisCombineSpectra: added systematic errors are function...
2010-08-25 snellingtwo more example macros, which will be described in...
2010-08-25 snellinganother codechecker warning fixed
2010-08-25 pulvirfixed warnings
2010-08-25 snellingfix use of enum
2010-08-25 snellingfixes warnings
2010-08-25 hdalsgaabug fix
2010-08-25 snellingmore text
2010-08-24 snellingdocumented a simple example
2010-08-24 snellingexample macro how to make flowevent and run two flow...
2010-08-24 snellingmodified ctor
2010-08-24 hdalsgaaAdding energy object to reenable FMD analysis in QA...
2010-08-24 hdalsgaaMaking background map generation more compatible with...
2010-08-24 snellingdifferent binning
2010-08-24 snellingsetting some defaults
2010-08-24 hdalsgaaAttemting bug fix, again
2010-08-24 hdalsgaaAttemting bug fix, again
2010-08-24 hristovFix for bug #71737 DELETE_ARRAY reported by Coverity
2010-08-24 hristovFixes for report #71652 BAD_FREE reported by Coverity
2010-08-24 pulvirFixed a bug related to the event information and added...
2010-08-23 hdalsgaaQuick fix for bug 71658
2010-08-22 snellingrebin as function of pt
2010-08-21 mflorisFixing kink normalization
2010-08-20 snellingsmarter input parsing
2010-08-20 snellingscripts to run on PBS
2010-08-20 snellingadds possiblilty to use filelists as imput to run on...
2010-08-19 snellingincreased default cut pt max value
2010-08-19 snellingadded subevents and used more recent settings
2010-08-19 snellingmacro to do alice flow analysis on star data
2010-08-19 snellingchanged behavior cut on integer values
2010-08-19 snellingfew more minor fixes
2010-08-19 snellingdocs
2010-08-19 snellingdocumentation
2010-08-19 snellingdocumentation
2010-08-19 snellingupdate to documentation
2010-08-19 snellingAdded v3
2010-08-19 snellingfixes cont return of functions which lead to warnings
2010-08-19 pulvirAdd-on by F. Blanco: code to manage leading particle...
2010-08-19 pulvirAdded new possible values and removed non physical...
2010-08-19 mflorisFixed a bug in DrawAllAndKaons: ITS/TPC ratios were...
2010-08-18 snellingbug fix array out of bound
2010-08-18 snellingfew more inlcudes
2010-08-18 snellingCalculating QCs at fixed M, rebinning at the and of...
2010-08-18 snellingprotection against missing files
2010-08-18 snellingfix include limits.h
2010-08-18 snellingfix cuts
2010-08-18 snellingchanges to avoid compiler warning
2010-08-18 hdalsgaaScripts to make FMD analysis correction objects
2010-08-18 snellingrewrite of cut classes
2010-08-18 hdalsgaaBug fix
2010-08-17 mflorisChanged default weights and scaling between different...
2010-08-17 pulvirRefined selection of true pairs in order to allow conta...
2010-08-17 mflorisMerged modifications from Francesco Prino (corrections...
2010-08-16 hdalsgaaAdding NSD analysis as well as new features and removin...
2010-08-16 snellingfix memory leak
2010-08-16 pulvirFixed access to MC-only analysis
2010-08-16 jjoseFixed errors in cmake build system
2010-08-16 mflorisChanged label in the fit results table
2010-08-15 snellingadjusted for renamed method SetCorrelatorInteger(1...
2010-08-14 pulvirExcluding a class from compilation (temporary)
2010-08-13 snellingrebinning added
2010-08-13 snellingadded rebinning
2010-08-13 mflorisAdding method to print latex table from file as ascii
2010-08-13 pulvirAdded task for efficiency computation, aligned with...
2010-08-13 mflorisFitParticle.C: generic macro to fit a pt distribution...
2010-08-13 mflorisCombineSpectra.C: Adding help + Improving comparison...
2010-08-12 pulvirAdded the possibility to define variable bins in output...
2010-08-12 pulvirOperations for PROOF compatibility
2010-08-11 bhippolynow latest version (E.Biolcati and F.Prino)
2010-08-11 snellingAll formulas now work for any case of the overlap betwe...
2010-08-11 bhippolyupdating task (E.Biolcati and F.Prino)
2010-08-11 bhippolyadding ITS standalone macro (E.Biolcati)
2010-08-11 snellingfixes initialization
2010-08-11 pulvirRemoved AliRsnEvent data member from streaming in AliRs...
2010-08-11 mflorisFixing error propagation in AliBWTools::GetMean and...
2010-08-10 snellingadded reder for test on other data
2010-08-10 snellingAdded charge to the tracks
2010-08-10 mflorisFixing coding conventions
2010-08-10 pulvirbugfix
2010-08-10 pulvirUpdate to the analysis on MC data only.
2010-08-06 pulvirAdded new possibilities to standard cuts, update to...
2010-08-04 hdalsgaabug fix from prior checkin
2010-08-04 mflorisModifications and cleanup by Francesco Prino
2010-08-04 mflorisFixing some warnings and coding conventions
2010-08-04 pulvirUpdated definition of theta* and corrected a bug in...
2010-08-03 snellingadded mc info for strong parity violation calculation
2010-08-03 pulvirAdded the possibility to compute theta* of a pair
2010-08-02 pulvir- Added template class for fitting (work in progress).
2010-08-01 pulvirModified action ocut on primary vertex, removed some...