[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2010-12-15 loizidesCosmetics
2010-12-15 pchristUpdated LRC code and fixes for the warnings (Andrey...
2010-12-14 loizidesfix
2010-12-14 loizidesCoding conventions
2010-12-14 loizidesCoding conventions
2010-12-14 loizidesCoding conv
2010-12-14 loizidesnew code from Alberica.
2010-12-14 pchristFixing warning (Marek)
2010-12-13 snellingRetrieving the number of analyzed events
2010-12-13 mflorisCombineSpectra:
2010-12-12 miskoAliUnicorHN: fNbins and fMbins initialized in the defau...
2010-12-10 snellingupdate matching updates in centrality framework
2010-12-10 hristovUsing TComplex::Abs instead of fabs
2010-12-10 mflorisAdded AliBWTools::GetdNdptFromdNdmt
2010-12-10 miskoCentrality files taken from $ALICE_ROOT/ANALYSIS/macros.
2010-12-10 miskoAliAnalysisTaskUnicor*.cxx: SetOwner moved to the right...
2010-12-10 pulvirAdded macros for K* analysis
2010-12-10 pulvirUpdate of analysis macros
2010-12-10 pchristNew classes for the EBYE charge and multiplicity fluctu...
2010-12-10 snellingcentrality fixes and ....
2010-12-10 pulvirImplemented a static AliRsnEvent pointer to point to...
2010-12-10 miskoFixes of older problems and adaptation to heavy ions.
2010-12-09 loizidesfix
2010-12-09 snellingprotect against root tprofile bug
2010-12-08 prinoMinor updates in maro for ITSsa dEdx fitting
2010-12-08 mflorisExcluding lowest pt point for K and p, ratios fit/data...
2010-12-08 mflorisComparison between different detectors in linear scale...
2010-12-08 snellingcode used by ShinIchi for V0 flow analysis
2010-12-07 prinoAdd keywords
2010-12-07 prinoAdded macros for 3-gaus fit of ITS standalone dE/dx...
2010-12-07 snellingadded options
2010-12-02 snellingadded setter for the harmonic
2010-12-02 snellingextra cuts for ZDC
2010-12-01 pulvirBugfix: function SetEvent() in AliRsnTarget needs to...
2010-12-01 snellingswitches to using the centrality framework + some fixes
2010-12-01 pulvirBugfix: swapped event-preprocessing and computations...
2010-12-01 pulvirMoved the pointer to current event to the AliRsnTarget...
2010-12-01 snellingupdate macro for parity studies
2010-12-01 snellingfew bug fixes pid
2010-11-30 loizidesThe code we used for the analysis of the first PbPb...
2010-11-30 cholmAdded some ignores and moved script
2010-11-30 cholmAdded some ignores and moved script
2010-11-30 cholmImproved eloss fitting - see NIM B1, 16
2010-11-30 pulvirFixed bug in the computation of dip angle value
2010-11-30 snellingPID cuts + fixes
2010-11-30 snellingsetting the number of bins
2010-11-30 pulvirAdded the possibility to include a function in the...
2010-11-29 cholmUpdated for changes
2010-11-29 cholmAdded script to show fits
2010-11-29 cholmShow examples of all parameters that can be tuned
2010-11-29 cholmAutomatically add files *AliESDs*.root in src directory...
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-29 cholmNew sub-structure for fitting energy loss spectra with
2010-11-29 cholmNew energy fitter that uses Landaus convolved with...
2010-11-29 cholmAdded event inspector and energy distribution fitter.
2010-11-29 cholmMinor fixes
2010-11-29 cholmFixed up sNN recognision for Heavy Ion
2010-11-29 cholmadded script for visualising energy distributions
2010-11-29 cholmAdded script to run analysis locally, and visualise...
2010-11-29 mflorisSafer rounding
2010-11-29 cholmBefore extracting fit code to utils
2010-11-29 cholmFirst shot at MC corrections
2010-11-29 cholmScript to run analysis locally
2010-11-29 cholmAlgorithm to do event inspection - trigger, vertex
2010-11-29 cholmFirst go of energy loss spectrum algorithm.
2010-11-29 mflorisChanged 1 significant digit notation
2010-11-26 akisielAdd FORWARD includes
2010-11-25 jjoseAdded RuleChecker jars in trunk and updated CMake ...
2010-11-25 cholmAdded PAR stuff for PWG2forward2
2010-11-25 cholmFixes
2010-11-25 cholmMinor updates
2010-11-25 cholmUpdates
2010-11-25 cholmSmall changes
2010-11-25 akisielFix enum
2010-11-25 akisielUpdated from Nicolas
2010-11-25 akisielUpdate pair cut usage
2010-11-25 akisielUpdate pair cut usage
2010-11-25 akisielAdd Pt dependent DCA cut, add TPC dEdx selection
2010-11-25 akisielFixing pair cut
2010-11-25 akisielAdd low pT cutoff
2010-11-25 akisielAdd more multiplicity and centrality options
2010-11-25 akisielAdd more multiplicity and centrality options
2010-11-25 cholmWhoops, forgot this one
2010-11-25 cholmFixes for PROOF mode
2010-11-24 pulvirIn efficiency task: included correctly physics selection
2010-11-24 cholmMake sure that histograms are obtained from output...
2010-11-23 pulvirAdded the Print() method to the cut objects, which...
2010-11-23 mflorisAdded CSV format
2010-11-21 pulvirUpdate to analysis macros
2010-11-21 pulvirAdded check of pileup in event cuts
2010-11-19 snellingcovariances back as default + support plotting single...
2010-11-19 pulvirAdded an information histogram on *real* number of...
2010-11-19 pulvirUpdate of package classes.
2010-11-18 pulvirAdded a new base class for common objects
2010-11-18 cholmMore documentation
2010-11-18 pchristAdding the first version of the charge fluctuation...
2010-11-18 cholmFixed problems reported by alexander hansen
2010-11-17 cholmMinor fixes
2010-11-17 cholmFixes