[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2009-02-27 fcaexit is in stdlib.h
2009-02-27 snellinguse excahnge container as input
2009-02-27 pchristAdding a help menu function to keep track of what we...
2009-02-26 pchristMinor mods in the bining
2009-02-26 pchristAdding more QA histograms: eta vs phi vs Nclusters
2009-02-26 snellinga few extra null pointer checks
2009-02-26 snellingfix the error calculations in generating function cumul...
2009-02-26 snellingCleaning up the number of couts
2009-02-26 snellingMC task also now uses exchange container and gets MC...
2009-02-26 snellingpassing the mc reaction plane to the floweventsimple
2009-02-26 snellingcumulant tasks now use exchange container FlowEvent...
2009-02-26 snellingadded MC Reaction Plane information to FlowEventSimple
2009-02-25 snellingused floweventsimple exchange container
2009-02-25 snellingused Exchange containor as input for the various flow...
2009-02-25 pchristAdding the vertex QA part
2009-02-25 snellingmake it browsable (partly)
2009-02-25 snellingsmall mods for separate task
2009-02-24 pchristMonitoring the eta-phi plots
2009-02-23 snellingcorrectly filled integrated flow for RP and nameless
2009-02-23 snellingskeleton for documentation
2009-02-23 snellinguncertainties back in, incase of weights still behaving...
2009-02-23 snellingimproved plotting options
2009-02-21 snellinga few more checks
2009-02-21 snellingbreak when there is no input file for second run
2009-02-21 snellingbreak when second run file for LYZ is not available
2009-02-20 snellingoverloaded WriteHistograms
2009-02-20 snellingweights for GFC (preliminary)
2009-02-20 snellingPOI's and RP's for LeeYang Zeroes eventplane
2009-02-20 snellingpreparations for weights in generating function cumulants
2009-02-19 pchristBatch analysis on the grid without the tags enabled
2009-02-19 snellingbetter defaults
2009-02-19 snellingforgot .root
2009-02-19 snellingprotection against divide by zero
2009-02-19 snellingPOI's and RPs in LeeYangZeroes
2009-02-19 snellingadded the option to use functions as weights
2009-02-19 snellingmodified macro to enable running in three modes: mLocal...
2009-02-19 snellingweights correctly implemented for FQD
2009-02-18 snellingusing weights for Q cumulants 2nd order
2009-02-18 snellingthe original was modified by fca so no need for a separ...
2009-02-18 snellingmethod same name as macro
2009-02-18 snellingAdded the new class
2009-02-18 fcaCompletion of previous checkin
2009-02-18 snellingFirst steps toward separate Task to fill the flow event
2009-02-17 snellingtempory macro to work in trunk with new methods to...
2009-02-16 pchristRemoving code viols.
2009-02-13 snellingset PROOF as default
2009-02-13 snellingdefault clear all packages on caf
2009-02-13 snellingcorrect settings for POI and RP change name macro
2009-02-13 snellingcombined local and PROOF analysis into one macro
2009-02-13 pulvirMoved PID object into the AliRsnReader from AliRsnAnaly...
2009-02-12 snellingmore forgotten setters
2009-02-12 snellingmore small bugs
2009-02-12 snellingmissing options in ctor
2009-02-12 snellingmissing input stream added
2009-02-12 snellingCoding violations fixed for const
2009-02-12 snellingadded the possibility to use weights of the Q vector...
2009-02-12 snellingoutput not in % anymore
2009-02-12 snellingAlso enable run in root with pars
2009-02-12 snellingenale the use of pars also in local analysis
2009-02-12 snellingspring cleaning, split flow lib into two
2009-02-11 bhippolyUpdate for Cascades from A.Maire
2009-02-11 snellingstart of cleanup and separation of libs
2009-02-11 snellingpass weight histograms via Task containors
2009-02-11 snellingImplement weigths for Q cumulants in local run
2009-02-09 snellingchanged some includes
2009-02-09 pulvirAliRsnReader:
2009-02-09 pulvirnew example macros
2009-02-09 akisielRemove gsl includes
2009-02-06 snellingmore for weigths
2009-02-06 akisielAdd correlation functions binned directly in spherical...
2009-02-06 snellingmacro to produce the weights in phi, pt and eta based...
2009-02-06 snellingFirst implementation of phi, pt and eta weights for...
2009-02-05 akisielAdd cut test vs. TPC Ncls
2009-02-05 akisielRemove dependence
2009-02-05 akisielAdd impact support and freeze-out coordinates from...
2009-02-05 akisielAdding cuts on impact parameters
2009-02-05 akisielFall back to the SPD vertex if there is not primary one
2009-02-05 akisielSupport old ESD
2009-02-05 akisielAccept multiplicities at the range edges
2009-02-03 snellingremoved one more cout
2009-02-03 snellingcleanup of some cout's
2009-02-03 snellingprint values for POI in QC in finish
2009-01-31 snellingoptions to set markers etc.
2009-01-30 snellingsmall fix
2009-01-30 snellingnew equations for differntail flow
2009-01-30 snellingreorganized a bit
2009-01-30 snellingclean up so code is less verbose for each event
2009-01-30 snellingoverloaded write method
2009-01-30 snellingmacro and flowevent maker to run part of the code in...
2009-01-29 pulvirAliRsnMCInfo:
2009-01-28 snellingfixed bugs with underflows
2009-01-27 snellingimproved the style histograms
2009-01-27 pchristAdding the possibility to run the analysis in eta-pT...
2009-01-27 snellingfixed a memory leak
2009-01-27 snellingfurther updates Q cumulants
2009-01-27 snellingbug fixes Q cumulants for overlapping selections
2009-01-26 snellingpass ESD AOD or whatever to the macro
2009-01-26 snellingadded more plotting options
2009-01-23 snellingupdated histos for monte carlo info
2009-01-23 snellingfor local runs write histograms lists singlekey