[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2010-11-09 snellingbug fix
2010-11-09 snellingfix for multiple centralities
2010-11-09 snellingquick acces to QA histograms
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA class
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA for cuts
2010-11-08 snellingadded new triggers
2010-11-08 pulvirbugfix in AliRsnValue and some macros for running multi...
2010-11-08 jjoseCMake pkg files updated
2010-11-08 pulvirAdded cut for checking multiplicity and done some adapt...
2010-11-08 snellingupdated macros with some current settings
2010-11-08 pulvirBugfix: clean allocated temporary memory in CreateHisto...
2010-11-07 snellingtypo O instead of 0
2010-11-07 snellingadded VO_ALICE for caf
2010-11-07 snellingadded trigger settings Michele Floris
2010-11-07 snellingupdated the macros to run on the first heavy-ion data
2010-11-06 pulvirGeneralized the MC reference object in order to cope...
2010-11-06 pulvirAdded the 'const' keyword to the pointer-returning...
2010-11-06 pulvirFirst version of macros for current phi 7 TeV analysis...
2010-11-05 pulvirMoved the multiplicity counter to the global AliRsnValu...
2010-11-05 enricoUpdate for PbPb analysis (Mariella)
2010-11-05 enricoUpdate for PbPb analysis (Mariella)
2010-11-05 loizidesfix warnings
2010-11-05 bhippolynew version from L.Milano and F.Prino
2010-11-05 loizidesHave a switch to disable particle production via NBD...
2010-11-05 pulvirModification in constructor
2010-11-05 pulvirBugfix
2010-11-05 pulvirAdded the possibility to compute multiplicity according...
2010-11-04 snellingnew parameter mixing option: kTrackWithPtFromFirstMother
2010-11-04 snellingfix for Hydjet reaction plane
2010-11-02 pulvirGeneralization for PID in 2010 cuts
2010-11-02 loizidesUpdates from Alberica to run centrality tasks.
2010-11-02 snellingFirst version of the plotting macro for the MH + calcul...
2010-11-02 snellingfixes bug in calculating refmult, explicit mc check...
2010-11-01 cholmMissed a log message on last commit.
2010-11-01 cholmAdded script to load PWG2 forward analysis libraries...
2010-11-01 cholmFix from Kristjan - allow more energies
2010-11-01 cholmMinor fixes to analysis code
2010-10-29 bhippolyhistogram cast requested by R.Vernet
2010-10-29 snellingpid selection in the cut for particle and antiparticle
2010-10-27 snellingextra macro to illustrate behavior centrality variables
2010-10-25 pchristAdding multiplicity cut (Marek)
2010-10-25 snellingremove extra printf
2010-10-25 snellingbug in binary collision eccentricity calculation in...
2010-10-25 hristovinclude limits.h
2010-10-25 snellingadd simple vertex cuts in AliFlowEventCuts + bugfixes
2010-10-25 enricoModif for new class AliTrackletAlg (Mariella)
2010-10-25 enricoNew ITS-SPD trackleter class (Mariella)
2010-10-23 snellingcode cleanup
2010-10-22 snellingin event cuts added possibility to select TPConly or...
2010-10-21 snellingcoding viols fix
2010-10-20 snellingfix for mixing type of RP and POI
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-19 pchristFilling properly the control histograms for the two...
2010-10-19 snellingfix warning
2010-10-19 snellingtwo more ;
2010-10-19 snellingmissing ; in run macro
2010-10-19 snellingadds tracklets to flow cuts, fixes for MC analysis...
2010-10-19 pchristAdditions in the BF code: Control plots, two particle...
2010-10-19 snellingupdated macros to reflect new names
2010-10-19 pchristNew drawing options
2010-10-19 pchristAdding the interactive option
2010-10-19 snellingremove compiler warnings
2010-10-19 snellingfixes includes for different platforms
2010-10-18 snellingadded extra library for various tools used in the flow...
2010-10-18 bhippolyUpdate of the ITSsa analysis (L.Milano, E.Biolcati...
2010-10-18 snellingusing MK option
2010-10-18 snellingpatch Glauber code
2010-10-18 snellingrestructured (1 try)
2010-10-17 snelling1.) Corrected and improved few things in reference...
2010-10-15 snelling1.) Added mode "mGridPAR" in runFlowTask.C and runFlowT...
2010-10-15 snellingadds PMD + fixes in cuts (reference multiplicity in...
2010-10-14 snellingmake macros compatible with centrality train
2010-10-14 loizidesMake it find libraries independently of location
2010-10-14 loizidesremoved executable bit
2010-10-14 mfloris- Rebbined ratios in the TOF range
2010-10-14 pulvirCompilation error corrected
2010-10-14 hristovTemporary fix
2010-10-14 pulvirUpdated AOD cuts according to help given in FAQ. Correc...
2010-10-13 pchristAdding the very preliminary version of the BF visualiza...
2010-10-13 snellingenabling centrality "train"
2010-10-13 pchristTypos
2010-10-12 snellingmore fixes
2010-10-12 snellingchanged the rebinning
2010-10-12 snellingfixes to cuts
2010-10-12 snellingvarious fixes for the cuts
2010-10-11 snellingNew AliFlowTrackCuts and AliFlowEventCuts, allow runnin...
2010-10-11 pulvirAdded a value and an option to standard cuts
2010-10-08 pulvirbugfix on TOF management
2010-10-07 loizidesload classes.
2010-10-07 pulvirAdded an equivalent to the cuts 2010 for AODs and adapt...
2010-10-07 pulvirBugfix: moved the initialization of 4-vectors for daugh...
2010-10-07 pulvirAdded the possibility to cut in dip angle, to reject...
2010-10-07 pulvirAdded some new values used for checking outputs
2010-10-07 pulvirModified some standards, added a cut in pseudo-rapidity
2010-10-06 snellingplot v_n versus multiplicity
2010-10-06 snellinga patch for adding v2(pt). AddV2(TF1)
2010-10-06 snellingadded a few prototypes for AOD analysis
2010-10-05 loizidesAdded Albericas code
2010-10-04 loizidesglauber fit as a start for alberica.
2010-10-04 loizidesAdd mid rap plot