By default all events go into one run-loader's file. Allows to remove the correspondi...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2008-11-20 pulvirCorrected a bug and removed functions which caused it
2008-11-19 snellingprotect against small multiplicities
2008-11-19 pulvirpackage file and LinkDef adapted to new added class
2008-11-19 pulvirNew class for customizing PID weights in ESD reading
2008-11-19 pulvirAdded tutorials
2008-11-18 snellingadded qcumulants to macro and removed old macros
2008-11-18 snellingfix for the cumulants to use cuts from the CORRFW
2008-11-17 snellingcleanup print statements
2008-11-16 snellingcleanup empty lines and updated Cmake file
2008-11-16 snellingadded new function to dictionary
2008-11-16 snellingnew methods and possiility to run all methods in same run
2008-11-14 pulvirAliRsnCut:
2008-11-14 pchristAdding kinematic cuts for MC
2008-11-13 pulvirCorrection
2008-11-13 pulvirCorrection
2008-11-13 pulvirAdded treatment of TPC only
2008-11-13 pchristHeader file that was missing
2008-11-13 pchristProtection against invalid particle object
2008-11-13 snellingfixed warnings
2008-11-13 pulvirAdapted to changes of RSN package
2008-11-13 pulvirCode:
2008-11-13 fcaFile removed
2008-11-12 fcaCorrect character constantness
2008-11-11 snellingextrea option for correction framework cfmgr2->SetNStep...
2008-11-11 snellingtested cumulant code for proof
2008-11-11 snellingpatched warnings and few bug fixes for empty events
2008-11-10 akisielFixing GCC warnings
2008-11-08 akisielFixing gcc warnings
2008-11-07 bhippolyGives aruments to the AliESDv0::GetD(x,y,z)
2008-11-07 bhippolyGives aruments to the AliESDv0::GetD(x,y,z)
2008-11-06 snellingupdated cumulats to work with standard macros
2008-11-05 pchristAdding the file that didn't want to be added - sorry
2008-11-05 pchristAdding the reconstruction and PID efficiency in the...
2008-11-05 pchristAdding the reconstruction and PID efficiency in the...
2008-11-05 pchristRemoving the old tutorial examples
2008-11-04 akisielAdding dummy PWG2 common module files
2008-11-04 akisielRemove class duplicated from ANALYSIS
2008-11-04 akisielRemoving duplicate files
2008-11-04 akisielRemoving duplicate files
2008-11-03 snellingadded explanation of config options
2008-10-31 pchristUpdates of the macro that dispays the results (efficien...
2008-10-31 snellingdifferent default dataset
2008-10-31 snellingupdate to work on caf for all methods and working for...
2008-10-29 pchristAdding the hybrid TPC approach in the QA
2008-10-24 pulvirwarning fixed
2008-10-23 pchristCut on the process id and on the mother particle put...
2008-10-22 pulvirFixed last warnings
2008-10-22 pchristi)Modifications in the visualization macro. ii)Checking...
2008-10-22 akisielCommiting files mistakenly omitted
2008-10-22 bhippolyIntroduction of Cascade ESD task from Antonin Maire...
2008-10-17 pulvirAdded a class for single event monitor computations...
2008-10-17 pulvirRemoved warnings from RESONANCES code
2008-10-17 akisielFixing warnings
2008-10-14 fcaUpdating CMake files
2008-10-13 pulvirAdded example macroes
2008-10-13 pulvirRemoved obsolete macros
2008-10-13 pulvirAdded event-mixing management in buffer and some new...
2008-10-11 pchristMoving some private members from f to g
2008-10-08 pchristEvaluation of the influence of each ITS layer on the...
2008-10-06 pchristMC composition and processes part added
2008-10-04 pchristSplitting the proton analysis into the real thing and...
2008-10-03 pchristMoving to alicecaf + addition of the DCA in the QA
2008-09-30 pulvirCorrections, bug fixes and a class name change
2008-09-30 pulvirModified class name
2008-09-24 pulvirRemoved obsolete classes
2008-09-24 pulvirRemoved obsolete classes
2008-09-22 pchristMinor modifications for the MC analysis
2008-09-18 pulvirnew class missed in previous commit
2008-09-18 pulvirPackage revised - New AnalysisTask's - Added more functions
2008-09-18 pulvirModifications to package - new classes added
2008-09-17 akisielRemove double class reference
2008-09-17 akisielAdd classes to compilation
2008-09-05 akisielQA classes from Dave
2008-08-17 pchristAdding new macro to visualize the QA results - A couple...
2008-08-15 snellingFill fix
2008-08-14 pchristFinal (?) modifications for the QA
2008-08-14 pchristFew modifications in the QA part
2008-08-14 snellingpersistent CommonHist (still need some improvements)
2008-08-13 snellingimplemented copy constructor
2008-08-13 pchristMoving to the AliCFContainer classes as input container...
2008-08-12 snellingsome protection
2008-08-12 snellingInherit from TNamed
2008-08-11 snellingnew lines
2008-08-11 snellingadded some print methods and q vector for higher harmonics
2008-08-11 pchristEnabling the QA
2008-08-11 pchristCOORFW->CORRFW typo
2008-08-10 pchristMinor fix for the proton analysis QA
2008-08-08 pchristReading properly the corrections' container
2008-08-05 snellingmore methods use the correction framework
2008-08-05 pchristReding the correction containers in the class
2008-08-05 pchristCorrections/container for antiprotons
2008-08-05 pchristCode organization - To come: corrections/container...
2008-08-04 pchristFirst version of the task for the corrections - proton...
2008-08-04 snellingmake cumulants work on caf (not using tprof3d for the...
2008-08-03 pchristAdding the files to be used for the QA of the proton...
2008-08-03 pchristUpdated QA for the proton analysis
2008-08-02 pchristFirst version of the analysis QA
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake
2008-07-30 pulvirFull task example for AliEn
2008-07-30 pulvirCorrection in libPWG2resonances.pkg and PWG2resonancesL...