Cleaning up memory in destructor
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2011-08-16 hdalsgaaMB fix for 2.76 TeV
2011-08-16 hdalsgaa7 TeV MC eloss fits
2011-08-14 snellingbayesian PID + several bugfixes + small enhancements
2011-08-13 snellinguse track weights in cummulants
2011-08-13 snellingpid updates
2011-08-11 hdalsgaaremoving pileup from Pb+Pb analysis
2011-08-11 akalweitRepublishing.
2011-08-11 akalweitRepublishing TPCTPF analysis for charged pi,K,p spectra.
2011-08-07 pkalinakNew PID method implemented
2011-08-07 pchristCoverity fix
2011-08-06 pchristCoverity fix
2011-08-05 snellingupdated Bayesian PID
2011-08-04 snellingfix for NUA
2011-08-04 akisielDo not use fESDpid if it does not exist
2011-08-04 pchristAdditions in the balance function code, including shuffling
2011-08-03 lmilanoMain updates: PID and centrality
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-08-03 lmilanoSelection on weak processes for secondary particles...
2011-08-02 pulvirAdded a value for computin absolute resolution instead...
2011-08-02 akisielFix Coverity report
2011-08-01 akisielFix compilation warnings
2011-08-01 akisielFix compilation warnings
2011-08-01 hdalsgaabug fix from A. Hansen - requesting proper mother parti...
2011-08-01 hdalsgaaSharing diagnostics
2011-07-29 snellingcoverty fix
2011-07-29 akisielAdd PairPt Cut
2011-07-29 akisielFix compilation errors
2011-07-28 akisielPhi star version of the radial distance cut
2011-07-28 akisielAdd PID code
2011-07-28 akisielAdd PID code
2011-07-27 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-07-27 lmilanoElectron dE/dx distributions added
2011-07-27 pchristCoverity fix
2011-07-26 snellingnew cuts to use combined basian pid without tender...
2011-07-26 pchristCoverity fixes
2011-07-26 pulvirCorrected the counter for accepted events
2011-07-25 snellingpatches
2011-07-25 snellingfixes + detector mask in pid
2011-07-24 snellingadded combined pid class
2011-07-24 pchristUpdated LRC code (Andrey Ivanov): I'm sure that tomorro...
2011-07-22 akisielAdd norm mult
2011-07-22 akisielFix comments
2011-07-22 akisielRemove verbose output
2011-07-22 akisielFix unused variables
2011-07-22 snellingadded cut on pid first mother
2011-07-21 snellingfixes for mixed mode
2011-07-21 akisielTPC and TOF manual procedures
2011-07-21 akisielChange inheritance
2011-07-21 akisielRemove verbose output
2011-07-21 akisielAdd TOF monitoring
2011-07-21 akisielRemove not needed histograms
2011-07-21 akisielAdd centrality pre-selection
2011-07-21 akisielFix macro loading condition
2011-07-21 hdalsgaaMore sharing diagnostics
2011-07-20 pkalinakFixing coding convention
2011-07-20 pulvirAdded a temptative task for monitors
2011-07-20 snellingclassdef
2011-07-20 snellingQA bugfix + small VZERO clean-up
2011-07-19 pulvirIncludede new histograms in the output
2011-07-19 snellingnon uniform acceptance corrections NUA added for mixed...
2011-07-18 cholmAdded ELoss fits for 7TeV, -5G (real) - copy of 7TeV...
2011-07-18 cholmAdded 2nd map for 7TeV, -5G - copy of 7TeV +5G
2011-07-18 hdalsgaaViolation fixes from FC
2011-07-16 hristovMoving the classes that belong to the following librari...
2011-07-15 hanrattySlimmed down luke's analysis task
2011-07-15 lbarnbySlimmed down luke's analysis task
2011-07-15 snellingpatch
2011-07-15 pchristFixing a coverity defect
2011-07-15 pulvirWorkaround to include centrality
2011-07-14 snellingbig patch
2011-07-13 pchristAdding the macro to run the centrality train for the...
2011-07-13 pulvirRecoded PbPb cut, and updated example macros to configu...
2011-07-12 cholmVarious small fixes
2011-07-12 cholmUpdates to scripts. Mostly documentation and some...
2011-07-12 cholmUse symbolic flags for phi acceptance
2011-07-12 cholmScript to draw occupancies
2011-07-12 cholmAdded task to copy ESD header information to the AOD...
2011-07-12 lbarnbyLuke's 1st commit of Analysis task
2011-07-11 hristovChanges for #82873: Module debugging broken (Christian)
2011-07-08 cholmAdded first go at a QA task
2011-07-08 cholmAdded first go at a QA task
2011-07-08 cholmFixes
2011-07-08 cholmCoverity fix
2011-07-07 cholmFix for doxygen
2011-07-07 cholmDoc fixes
2011-07-07 cholmFix
2011-07-07 hdalsgaaImproved sharing
2011-07-07 cholmDocumentation fixes
2011-07-07 hdalsgaaFix to select only slow triggers for 2.76 TeV pp
2011-07-07 cholmDoxygen documentation fixes
2011-07-07 cholmDocumentation fixes for doxygen
2011-07-07 cholmDocumentation fixes for Doxygen
2011-07-07 cholmNew AliPoissonCalculator class
2011-07-07 cholmUse new AliPoissonCalculator
2011-07-07 cholmMoved to scripts
2011-07-07 cholmMoved to trains sub-directory and specific trains moved...
2011-07-07 cholmAdded more diagnostics histogram
2011-07-07 cholmRe-organised scripts