Modifications to eliminate the simulation parameters from
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2008-08-17 pchristAdding new macro to visualize the QA results - A couple...
2008-08-15 snellingFill fix
2008-08-14 pchristFinal (?) modifications for the QA
2008-08-14 pchristFew modifications in the QA part
2008-08-14 snellingpersistent CommonHist (still need some improvements)
2008-08-13 snellingimplemented copy constructor
2008-08-13 pchristMoving to the AliCFContainer classes as input container...
2008-08-12 snellingsome protection
2008-08-12 snellingInherit from TNamed
2008-08-11 snellingnew lines
2008-08-11 snellingadded some print methods and q vector for higher harmonics
2008-08-11 pchristEnabling the QA
2008-08-11 pchristCOORFW->CORRFW typo
2008-08-10 pchristMinor fix for the proton analysis QA
2008-08-08 pchristReading properly the corrections' container
2008-08-05 snellingmore methods use the correction framework
2008-08-05 pchristReding the correction containers in the class
2008-08-05 pchristCorrections/container for antiprotons
2008-08-05 pchristCode organization - To come: corrections/container...
2008-08-04 pchristFirst version of the task for the corrections - proton...
2008-08-04 snellingmake cumulants work on caf (not using tprof3d for the...
2008-08-03 pchristAdding the files to be used for the QA of the proton...
2008-08-03 pchristUpdated QA for the proton analysis
2008-08-02 pchristFirst version of the analysis QA
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake
2008-07-30 pulvirFull task example for AliEn
2008-07-30 pulvirCorrection in libPWG2resonances.pkg and PWG2resonancesL...
2008-07-30 pulvirUpdated accordingly the module and linkDef files
2008-07-30 pulvirNew classes plus some renamed for a better user friendl...
2008-07-30 pulvirRenamed classes: these with old name are removed and...
2008-07-30 pulvirRemoved macros not compatible with current package
2008-07-30 pulvirRemoved classes not included in compilation
2008-07-29 pchristFirst attempt to provide an interface to the correction...
2008-07-28 cvetanRemoval of extra semicolon
2008-07-28 snellingadded support for correction framework in cumulants
2008-07-28 hristovProvide dummy __FUNCTION__ on Solaris x86
2008-07-25 snellingupdated with correction framework
2008-07-25 snellingMore methods ready for CAF
2008-07-21 pchristImpact parameter for TPC tracks coming from the AliESDt...
2008-07-17 pulvirRemoved unused classes
2008-07-16 pulvirRemoved unused classes
2008-07-11 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-07-10 morschdummy GetLabel() from interface added.
2008-07-08 pchristMinor modifications in the code
2008-07-07 pchristAdding the event stats
2008-07-06 pchristMinor modifications (last ones for today)
2008-07-06 pchristi)Code cleanup ii)Reading MC info from the same class...
2008-07-06 pchristReading the TPC only tracks
2008-06-29 akisielUpdating example scripts
2008-06-26 bhippolyTaskSE inheritancy and structure... no AOD part yet
2008-06-26 akisielFixing destructor
2008-06-26 akisielFix assignment operator
2008-06-26 akisielAdd global hidden info type
2008-06-26 akisielGive the ability to guess if particle is primary
2008-06-25 akisielAdd event vertex position reading
2008-06-25 akisieladd event vertex position and error monitor
2008-06-24 akisielRemove unneeded debug output
2008-06-24 akisielAdd example local macro
2008-06-24 pulvirRemoved warnings
2008-06-24 pulviradded missing files
2008-06-23 pulvirappropriately modified builders for package and PAR...
2008-06-23 pulviradded include path for PWG2resonances
2008-06-23 pulvirPackage upgrade.
2008-06-23 pulvirtemporary place holder
2008-06-22 bhippolyUpdates and consistencies for the analysis train
2008-06-19 bhippolyCosmetics changes...
2008-06-19 snellingMerge methods
2008-06-18 snellingcustum Merge() and cleanup
2008-06-17 snellingspring cleanup
2008-06-17 snellingspring cleanup
2008-06-16 bhippolyCleanup obsolete dependencies and update calculations...
2008-06-16 pchristSmall modifications in the dummy constructor
2008-06-14 bhippolyUpdate for complying with train (second round)
2008-06-13 akisielEnable reading TPC only information for Kine reader
2008-06-12 bhippolyUpdate for complying with train (first round)
2008-06-12 pchristChanges needed for the analysis train (Mihaela)
2008-06-12 akisielRemove unneeded parameter. Protect against missing...
2008-06-12 akisielAdding example on how to run on datasets
2008-06-12 akisielFix includes
2008-06-12 akisielCorrect z position saving
2008-06-12 akisielEnable reading TPC only parameters as the main ones
2008-06-12 akisielSave also EventCut histograms
2008-06-12 akisielAdding Eta and Phi histograms
2008-06-12 akisielAdding new cut monitors
2008-06-12 snellingworking with datasets
2008-06-11 snellingCleanup and working proof task
2008-06-10 snellingjust one histrogram for now
2008-06-10 snellingcleanup
2008-06-07 snellingcleanup
2008-06-07 snellingFirst setup for passing histogram lists
2008-06-07 snellingInherit from TOject for persistency
2008-06-07 snellingcleanup and inherit from TOBject
2008-06-06 bhippolyRetire ESD only task
2008-06-06 bhippolyInheritancy from TaskSE and AOD input added
2008-06-06 bhippolyRename before further modifications
2008-06-05 snellingtest macro for cumulant proof test
2008-06-03 snellingadded conf for making flow par file for grid and CAF
2008-06-03 pchristFirst version of the long range correlation studies...
2008-06-02 snellinga new line
2008-06-02 snellingworking cumulant task