Added new class to store ZDC timing cut window and other trigger analysis configurati...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2011-04-18 prinoAdded option for initialization of peak position (Franc...
2011-04-18 snellingadd calculation of epsilon using (1-x)+x*ncoll as a...
2011-04-14 snellingQA updates
2011-04-13 snellingcovery
2011-04-13 hdalsgaaUpdated flow code and scripts from A.Hansen (hansena)
2011-04-12 prinoFix bug in rapidity calculation (Leonardo)
2011-04-12 prinoUpdated parameterizations of peak positions (R. Russo...
2011-04-12 pulvirUtility for normalization
2011-04-11 snellingadded new options and fixed binary eccentricity
2011-04-11 bhippolyPileUp tagging (M.Chojnacki)
2011-04-11 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-04-09 bhippolyadding spd2 multiplicity estimator (M.Chojnacki)
2011-04-08 pulvirCoverity fix
2011-04-07 snellingsettable rang phi histogram + few other fixes
2011-04-07 cholmVarious smaller Fixes
2011-04-07 cholmAdded task to do the analysis on track refs in the...
2011-04-07 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-04-06 cholmMega commit.
2011-04-06 cholmSimplify
2011-04-06 cholmVarious fixes and protect against bad name
2011-04-06 cholmSome utility scripts added
2011-04-06 cholmAdded some corrections from HHD
2011-04-06 pulvirImplementation of all needed changes in the package...
2011-04-06 pulvirAdd new version of macros for RSN analysis
2011-04-06 pulvirRenamed the train macros to be replaced with new ones
2011-04-06 hdalsgaaObjects for 7 TeV analysis
2011-04-06 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-04-06 hristovCoverity fixes (Alberica)
2011-04-05 snellingadd electron rejection
2011-04-05 snellingadded track weight
2011-04-05 snellingfixes for pid
2011-04-05 snellingfix for using particle weights
2011-04-04 snellingrun flow analysis with Bayesian pid
2011-04-04 snellingallow for correlations with only one subevent
2011-04-04 snellingupdates to bayesian PID + updates to MC QA
2011-04-04 mflorisAdded function for finer centrality binning
2011-04-03 snellingfix in QA
2011-04-03 snellingfixes for MC and MC QA
2011-04-02 snellingcoverty fix
2011-04-01 cholmMinor stuff
2011-04-01 hdalsgaaFixes for the poisson method
2011-03-31 snellingfix macros
2011-03-30 hdalsgaaEmptying AOD hist as the first thing
2011-03-30 snellingadded pid example macros and QA task for the PMD
2011-03-30 akisielFix coding rule violations
2011-03-30 akisielFix coding rule violations
2011-03-30 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-03-29 cholmNew NSD selection for MC, and some small fixes
2011-03-29 cholmAdded PbPb and some missing pp A,B,C,E triggers
2011-03-29 hristovRemove code violations, improve average fit (Alberica)
2011-03-28 snellingupdated psi_n
2011-03-28 cholmFixes
2011-03-28 cholmRemove bad #endif
2011-03-28 cholmDoxygen fixes
2011-03-26 snellingadded some QA to flow track cuts and event cuts, trackI...
2011-03-26 pchristFixing shadowing
2011-03-25 hdalsgaaPrimaries must be counted before trigger cuts else...
2011-03-25 cholmCode clean-up in dN/deta calculation.
2011-03-25 snellingadding planes
2011-03-25 cholmSome fixes
2011-03-25 freidtfixing Coverity Defect 16202
2011-03-25 pchristFixes for coverity
2011-03-24 cholmFix some problems, and clean up code
2011-03-24 hristovUpdated analysis (Marian)
2011-03-24 cholmWhoops - forgot to delete some code
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed script to add Central AOD task from
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed
2011-03-24 loizidesCoverty
2011-03-23 bhippolySUMMARY by A.Maire:
2011-03-23 snellingmemory management
2011-03-23 hdalsgaaMC Primaries should be recorded before trigger selection
2011-03-23 cholmMinor things
2011-03-23 cholmFixed problem
2011-03-23 cholmFixed problem
2011-03-23 cholmSome adds and removes
2011-03-23 cholmMostly documentation changes.
2011-03-23 akisielFixing Coding violations
2011-03-23 loizidesfwd declaration
2011-03-23 cholmRemoved obsolete scripts
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-23 cholmNew static member function to define a trigger histogram.
2011-03-23 cholmDeclare needed branches
2011-03-23 cholmDeclare needed branches
2011-03-22 snellingchange memory management
2011-03-22 snellingadded some example cases
2011-03-22 hdalsgaaWe must have pileup vertices here
2011-03-22 pulvirFix coding conventions
2011-03-22 freidtfixed error in adding PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtadded PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtfixing Coverity defects 16118 and 15959
2011-03-22 mflorisChanged list of sources to be loaded
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafix to the proper NSD
2011-03-21 snellingOne mult for Glauber
2011-03-21 lbarnbyMore coding violation fixes (mistakes in last round...
2011-03-21 lbarnbyCoding rule violation fixes. FitControl class renamed...
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafixes of violations
2011-03-20 cholmVarious fixes to deal with centrality
2011-03-19 snellingadded figures by the macros
2011-03-19 hdalsgaaReplacement AliForwardFlowUtil is in place