warning removal
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2010-07-11 pchristMajor restructuring of the AliCFContainer steps + intro...
2010-07-10 pchristFixing some warning and memory leaks (Michal)
2010-07-09 mflorisUpdates in DrawRatios
2010-07-09 mflorisnow combining 3 detectors
2010-07-09 mflorisFixing coding conventions.
2010-07-09 mflorisAliLatexTable: fixing a few issues (was not compiling...
2010-07-08 mflorisCode to combine and fit ID spectra (pi/K/p).
2010-07-07 hdalsgaacorrecting PROOF-INF.PWG2spectra, again
2010-07-07 hdalsgaaattempting to add support for par arhcives in forward...
2010-07-07 hdalsgaaattempting to add support for par arhcives in forward...
2010-07-07 snellingupdate for subevent phiweights
2010-07-07 hdalsgaaCorrecting my error from Yesterday. PROOF-INF.PWG2spect...
2010-07-06 hdalsgaaattempting to add support for par arhcives in forward
2010-07-06 hdalsgaaattempting to add support for par arhcives in forward
2010-07-05 snellingFMD and ITS additions
2010-07-05 bhippolyUpdate of AliAnalysisTaskChargedHadronSpectra by A...
2010-07-02 hdalsgaafixing warnings from FC
2010-07-02 pulvirfixed warnings and coding conventions
2010-07-01 snellingfix warnings
2010-06-24 snellingmodified classdefs
2010-06-22 hdalsgaaChange in the way event selection corrections are...
2010-06-22 hdalsgaaChange in the way event selection corrections are...
2010-06-21 pchristSwitching off the QA in preparation for the new 900GeV...
2010-06-21 snellingfix bookkeeping bug
2010-06-19 snellingfix bookkeeping of RPs when de-tagging
2010-06-18 snellingadded a directory with user macros
2010-06-18 snellingusing reference multiplicity
2010-06-17 snellingremoved obsolete methods
2010-06-17 snellingadded detector acceptance effect in AliFlowEventSimple...
2010-06-16 snellingfill the refmult
2010-06-15 snellingadded option to create flow event from SPD tracklets
2010-06-14 snellingmethod to mark RP and POI's
2010-06-14 snellingoption to also calculate generating function cumulants...
2010-06-14 snellingadded reference mult
2010-06-11 hdalsgaaAdding total dNdetadphi including SPD inner layer analysis
2010-06-10 snellingcleanup of GFC cumulants (some well deserved attention)
2010-06-09 hdalsgaabug fix
2010-06-09 hdalsgaaadding a comment on the event-by-event eta-phi histogra...
2010-06-09 hdalsgaaadding event-by-event eta-phi histogram for general use
2010-06-09 pulvirnecessary modification in makefile for RSN PAR library
2010-06-08 snellingadded afterburner in flowevent + various fixes
2010-06-08 pulvirMinor upgrade to anaysis macro
2010-06-07 snellingmissing files for ci
2010-06-07 pulvirAdded temporary configuration for alternative output...
2010-06-07 snellingrestructure to include tracklets (empty constructor...
2010-06-04 pchristAdding the correction for the tracking efficiency for...
2010-06-02 snellingthe current version
2010-06-02 snellinguse par files for the two flow libs on the grid
2010-06-02 snellingadding some setters for multiplicity range
2010-05-28 snellingremove PWG2AOD
2010-05-27 snellingsome updates for the plot layout
2010-05-26 snellingadded alice-caf for proof
2010-05-26 snellingAdded full flow estimates as function of multiplicity
2010-05-26 akisielReduce the number of 3D histograms in LCMS function
2010-05-26 snellingfix for multiplicity cuts
2010-05-26 snellingupdate to calculate correlators as function of multiplicity
2010-05-25 snellingadded features for fitting the Q distibution and a...
2010-05-21 hdalsgaaA few updates to the vertex distributions
2010-05-17 pchristChanges in the dca binning
2010-05-17 pchristProper normalization for the net-protons
2010-05-17 pchristMinor change in the projection range
2010-05-17 pchristAddition of the correction for feed-down and for the...
2010-05-16 snellingprotection if MCEP is not available
2010-05-11 snellingfix to prevent sqrt of a negative number
2010-05-11 snelling1.) Minor correction in the QC and GFC classes: Treatme...
2010-05-10 hdalsgaaFixing problems wrt the analysis train, bugs 67193...
2010-05-05 snellinga few extra histograms
2010-05-04 snellingcorrection for detector effects for three particle...
2010-05-04 snellingpreparations for glauber inclusion
2010-05-04 snellingrestore event cuts and change couts and printf's to...
2010-04-30 snellingAdded Histogram Results/f3pCorrelatorHist holds the...
2010-04-30 snellingputting more functionality into the flow event
2010-04-28 snellingmove of class to other lib and an added method to add...
2010-04-26 hdalsgaabug fix
2010-04-26 hdalsgaanew background objects for latest checkin
2010-04-26 hdalsgaaFMD analysis expanded to include an analysis of the...
2010-04-20 snellingAdded class AliFlowEvent, inherits from AliFlowEventSimple.
2010-04-20 pchristProtection against negative TPC signal
2010-04-19 akisielUpdating LinkDef's as well
2010-04-19 akisielAdd Gamma conversions removal
2010-04-19 akisielAdd Eta cut
2010-04-19 akisielAdd dEdx monitoring class.
2010-04-19 akisielAdd dEdx monitoring. Add accepted multiplicity monitoring
2010-04-16 snelling1.) runFlowTask.C:
2010-04-15 snellingadded histograms
2010-04-14 snellingfixed coding violations + added errors for non-isotropi...
2010-04-12 miskoMissing initializations in the copy constructor fixed
2010-04-12 snellingextra check on pointer
2010-04-09 snellingadded cuts and order of flags
2010-04-09 snellingchanged path to physics selection macro
2010-04-09 bhippolyupdate default parameters
2010-04-07 snellingstart of moving various methods into the flowevent
2010-04-06 hdalsgaaFixing warnings
2010-03-31 miskoUNICOR version used for the HBT draft version 1.3.
2010-03-31 pchristMinor changes (remove TMath::Abs from the dca distribut...
2010-03-31 pchristBug fix for the absorption in y (Michal)
2010-03-30 snellingfix for bug introduced with last checkin
2010-03-28 pchristProper conversion to cm
2010-03-28 bhippolyImplementation of task destructors (B.Hippolyte)
2010-03-27 pchristAdding the pt dependent dca cut