Fix for Coverity #10278
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2011-03-28 snellingupdated psi_n
2011-03-28 cholmFixes
2011-03-28 cholmRemove bad #endif
2011-03-28 cholmDoxygen fixes
2011-03-26 snellingadded some QA to flow track cuts and event cuts, trackI...
2011-03-26 pchristFixing shadowing
2011-03-25 hdalsgaaPrimaries must be counted before trigger cuts else...
2011-03-25 cholmCode clean-up in dN/deta calculation.
2011-03-25 snellingadding planes
2011-03-25 cholmSome fixes
2011-03-25 freidtfixing Coverity Defect 16202
2011-03-25 pchristFixes for coverity
2011-03-24 cholmFix some problems, and clean up code
2011-03-24 hristovUpdated analysis (Marian)
2011-03-24 cholmWhoops - forgot to delete some code
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed script to add Central AOD task from
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed
2011-03-24 cholmRenamed
2011-03-24 loizidesCoverty
2011-03-23 bhippolySUMMARY by A.Maire:
2011-03-23 snellingmemory management
2011-03-23 hdalsgaaMC Primaries should be recorded before trigger selection
2011-03-23 cholmMinor things
2011-03-23 cholmFixed problem
2011-03-23 cholmFixed problem
2011-03-23 cholmSome adds and removes
2011-03-23 cholmMostly documentation changes.
2011-03-23 akisielFixing Coding violations
2011-03-23 loizidesfwd declaration
2011-03-23 cholmRemoved obsolete scripts
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-23 cholmNew static member function to define a trigger histogram.
2011-03-23 cholmDeclare needed branches
2011-03-23 cholmDeclare needed branches
2011-03-22 snellingchange memory management
2011-03-22 snellingadded some example cases
2011-03-22 hdalsgaaWe must have pileup vertices here
2011-03-22 pulvirFix coding conventions
2011-03-22 freidtfixed error in adding PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtadded PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtfixing Coverity defects 16118 and 15959
2011-03-22 mflorisChanged list of sources to be loaded
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafix to the proper NSD
2011-03-21 snellingOne mult for Glauber
2011-03-21 lbarnbyMore coding violation fixes (mistakes in last round...
2011-03-21 lbarnbyCoding rule violation fixes. FitControl class renamed...
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafixes of violations
2011-03-20 cholmVarious fixes to deal with centrality
2011-03-19 snellingadded figures by the macros
2011-03-19 hdalsgaaReplacement AliForwardFlowUtil is in place
2011-03-18 pchristFixing the code for the analysis train
2011-03-18 snellingcoverty updates in the TOF tender
2011-03-18 snellingcoverity fixes, coding viols(some methods, constants...
2011-03-18 akisielAdd Missing class declaration
2011-03-17 hdalsgaasmall fixes (CHC)
2011-03-17 pchristFirst version of coverity fixes
2011-03-16 snellingchange fixed number of bins to variable
2011-03-16 cholmFix coding conventions
2011-03-16 hdalsgaaCorrection objects for the Pb+Pb analysis
2011-03-16 hdalsgaaAdd background map task
2011-03-15 cholmMC specific event inspector
2011-03-15 cholmCode update for handling centrality in the dN/deta...
2011-03-14 hdalsgaaUpgrades and fixes for coding violations from FC
2011-03-13 snellingcoding conventions fix
2011-03-13 pchristNew analysis train for the charge fluctuations
2011-03-11 akisielFix logic of the PID cut
2011-03-11 akisielAdd 3D function
2011-03-11 akisielAdd support for the ITS Fake bit
2011-03-11 hdalsgaaVarious changes and fixes
2011-03-11 hdalsgaaVarious changes and fixes
2011-03-11 cholmMinor stuff
2011-03-10 pchristReverting the wrong commit of AliAnalysisTaskFlowEvent
2011-03-10 pchristUpdates in the AliFlowTrackCuts (Mikolaj)
2011-03-10 hristovRemoving extra coma
2011-03-10 hristovNew class FEMTOSCOPY/AliFemtoUser/AliFemtoPairCutRadial...
2011-03-10 akisielAdd missing class
2011-03-10 hristovRevert 48282, the missing class was added
2011-03-10 akisielAdd missing class
2011-03-10 morschClass not present in svn removed.
2011-03-10 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-03-10 akisielAdd 3D function with minimal memory footprint
2011-03-10 hdalsgaaCoverity fixes
2011-03-09 hdalsgaaimproving the Poisson method by in cluding more bins
2011-03-09 pulvirAdded old multiplicity axis
2011-03-09 pulvirmacros:
2011-03-09 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-03-09 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-03-09 hdalsgaacoverity and bug fixes
2011-03-09 bhippolyCoverity fix 11174 (B.Hippolyte)
2011-03-08 bhippolyCoverity fix 16291-2 (B.Hippolyte)
2011-03-08 freidtCentral Diffractive pp-Analysis, Heidelberg Group:
2011-03-08 pulvirAnother bugfix in efficiency computation task, plus...
2011-03-08 pulvirBugfix and review of macros
2011-03-08 pulvirSolved a bug in AliRsnPair and removed an excess of...
2011-03-08 pulvirFirst version of tasks for central train
2011-03-08 hdalsgaascript to compare background maps in the central region
2011-03-08 hdalsgaaobjects for normalization
2011-03-08 hdalsgaaCoverity fixes and upgrades
2011-03-08 mfloriscode for cascade analysis in PbPb (M. Nicassio)
2011-03-08 pulvirCoverity fixes