Added PID task, some fixes for coding conventions
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2009-04-15 pchrist2D correlation plots for the PID efficiency
2009-04-15 snellinga few more source files
2009-04-15 snellingmodifications to also run standalone in root
2009-04-14 pchristMinor modifications
2009-04-13 pchristMinor fix for the pid efficiency calculation + cosmetic...
2009-04-13 pchristFixing the proof mode
2009-04-13 pchristAdding the QA plot for the pid efficiency/contamination...
2009-04-10 pchristReco and pid efficiencies in two separate functions
2009-04-09 snellingselect only primaries
2009-04-09 pchristModifications to run the QA code and to display the...
2009-04-08 pchristFixing coding conv. viols
2009-04-08 snellingmissing ifs
2009-04-08 pchristImplementing two different test pid procedures based...
2009-04-08 pchristTest ascii file for the dE/dx vs P proton band
2009-04-08 pchristSmall typo
2009-04-08 pchristSmall typo
2009-04-08 hristovDo not use relative paths in the include statements
2009-04-07 snellingadded 3D histograms
2009-04-07 snellingfixes for the fourth harmonic
2009-04-07 pchristoving all the proton analysis related macros to the...
2009-04-06 snellingsimplified code
2009-04-06 pchristAdopting the new analysis scheme with the base class...
2009-04-06 pchristMoving the QA task to the spectra dir (Mihaela's request)
2009-04-06 pchristMoving the QA task to the spectra dir (Mihaela's request)
2009-04-03 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-04-03 hristovUsing Riostream.h instead of iostream
2009-04-02 bhippolyAdding the cascade performance task (Antonin Maire)
2009-04-02 pchristAdding the proton task in the SPECTRA dir and in the...
2009-04-02 pchristAdding the proton task in the SPECTRA dir and in the...
2009-04-02 pchristAdding the base class for the bar{p}-p analysis and...
2009-03-29 bhippolyI should not commit with no sleep... I should not commi...
2009-03-28 bhippolyUpdate the DCA calculation for V0 daughters (for consis...
2009-03-19 bhippolyremove obsolete task from H.Ricaud
2009-03-19 snellingfix some coding violations and error calculation
2009-03-18 snellingextra options
2009-03-17 snellingremoved hardwired disabling of branches
2009-03-17 snellingget reaction plane angle for gevsim events
2009-03-17 akisielFixing more warnings
2009-03-17 pulvirfixed warnings
2009-03-16 hristovRestored compilation with CMake. The administrators...
2009-03-16 snellingextra old if statement removed
2009-03-16 akisielFixing warnings
2009-03-14 snellingnaming
2009-03-14 snellingnames and protect against zero
2009-03-14 bhippolyCorrect notation and remove printout...
2009-03-13 bhippolyadding properly the Cascade task to PWG2spectra pkg
2009-03-13 bhippolyupdate the define too...
2009-03-13 bhippolyby Antonin Maire: update of the Cascade task (ESD+AOD).
2009-03-11 snellingcommented out unused variables
2009-03-11 snellingconsistent naming
2009-03-11 snellingmore consistent names
2009-03-11 pulvirfew modifications on package, waiting for AOD complianc...
2009-03-09 snellingforgotten delete
2009-03-09 bhippolyIncluding TaskCheckV0 and TaskStrange in PWG2spectra
2009-03-09 snellingremoved external class
2009-03-09 akisielAdding PDG Pid monitor
2009-03-09 snellingmake equation work for not equal subevents
2009-03-09 snellingname change Int/Diff RP/POI
2009-03-07 snellingweights, weights now ok to fourth order in POI
2009-03-06 akisielNew directory for train macros
2009-03-06 akisielAdd Ylm classes
2009-03-06 akisielAdd histos from all analyses to the output
2009-03-06 akisielCorrectly add histograms from Ylm functions
2009-03-05 snellingfix division by zero
2009-03-04 akisielNo need to compile Task, it is inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielPutting AnalysisTaskFemto inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielDo final processing
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-03 snellingfix flow calculation in scalar product
2009-03-03 snellingadded scalar product to the plots
2009-03-02 snellingimplement integrated flow in scalar product method...
2009-03-02 snellingfix coding violations
2009-02-27 fcaexit is in stdlib.h
2009-02-27 snellinguse excahnge container as input
2009-02-27 pchristAdding a help menu function to keep track of what we...
2009-02-26 pchristMinor mods in the bining
2009-02-26 pchristAdding more QA histograms: eta vs phi vs Nclusters
2009-02-26 snellinga few extra null pointer checks
2009-02-26 snellingfix the error calculations in generating function cumul...
2009-02-26 snellingCleaning up the number of couts
2009-02-26 snellingMC task also now uses exchange container and gets MC...
2009-02-26 snellingpassing the mc reaction plane to the floweventsimple
2009-02-26 snellingcumulant tasks now use exchange container FlowEvent...
2009-02-26 snellingadded MC Reaction Plane information to FlowEventSimple
2009-02-25 snellingused floweventsimple exchange container
2009-02-25 snellingused Exchange containor as input for the various flow...
2009-02-25 pchristAdding the vertex QA part
2009-02-25 snellingmake it browsable (partly)
2009-02-25 snellingsmall mods for separate task
2009-02-24 pchristMonitoring the eta-phi plots
2009-02-23 snellingcorrectly filled integrated flow for RP and nameless
2009-02-23 snellingskeleton for documentation
2009-02-23 snellinguncertainties back in, incase of weights still behaving...
2009-02-23 snellingimproved plotting options
2009-02-21 snellinga few more checks
2009-02-21 snellingbreak when there is no input file for second run
2009-02-21 snellingbreak when second run file for LYZ is not available
2009-02-20 snellingoverloaded WriteHistograms
2009-02-20 snellingweights for GFC (preliminary)